Riot Games explains why they renamed Mafia/Gangster skin line to Crime City

Riot Games renamed Mafia/Gangster skin line to Crime City all of a sudden, and finally, they explained that it is due to a cultural sensitivity issue.

There are currently seven skins in the Mafia Gangsters of Cops and Robbers/Crime City skin line, including Gangster Twitch, Mafia Jinx, Mafia Graves, Mafia Miss Fortune, Mafia Braum.

But on patch 10.13 PBE, Riot pushed an update renaming all the skins in the Mafia/Gangster skin line. After the update, all the skins are now renamed to Crime City. Although Braum was not included in the update, Riot confirms that they will be adding him to the list as well.

  • Gangster Twitch to Crime City Twitch
  • Mafia Jinx to Crime City Jinx
  • Mafia Graves to Crime City Graves
  • Mafia Miss Fortune to Crime City Miss Fortune
  • Mafia Braum to Crime City Braum
Crime City Braum
Image Via Riot Games

After the changes, fans have been asking out Riot Games, why they renamed Mafia/Gangster skin line to Crime City all of sudden. And a player asked Riot Games’ Narrative Lead for Skins and Thematic Development, Jared Rosen, if he is aware of the changes or not.

Replying to the tweet, Jared Rosen said that they renamed the skins because “it was a request from Italian players, who didn’t feel great about the term ‘Mafia’.”

“It’s a cultural sensitivity issue, which we run into as time goes on,” he added. “In some cases we can pivot in other ways but for this one it necessitated the name change.”

But apparently, on Reddit players are not liking the new term for the skins which is “Crime City”. And a lot of players are suggesting to rename it again to “Syndicate” or anything other than Crime City.

All the changes are currently on PBE and will hit the live servers on patch 10.13.


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