When Will Spirit Blossom 2022 Skins Be Released?

Riot has officially unveiled the return of the fan-favorite event of League of Legends, Spirit Blossom.

Many events were released in League of Legends. Among them, one of the best events League ever received was Spirit Blossom, released in 2020.

Spirit Blossom is an alternative universe where the traditional Runeterran champions are represented as different Ionian mythological spirits. In Runeterra Prime, Spirit Blossom is a festival where the door to the Spirit World is opened, and the dead return to see their loved ones.

Spirit Blossom featured skins for champions such as Yone, Ahri, Cassiopia, Thresh, Yasuo, Teemo, Lillia, Kindred, and Vayne. These skins were overall very well received by fans. Spirit Blossom event also came with a limited-time game mode, Nexus Blitz, and the first ever visual novel-style side mode.

Almost a month ago, leaks were circulating that this year’s Worlds event will be Spirit Blossom. And after waiting, Riot has officially uploaded the trailer for Spirit Blossom 2022 on their League of Legends YouTube channel.

In Spirit Blossom 2022, Riot will be releasing skins for nine different champions. In addition, Sett will be receiving his first legendary skin as Spirit Blossom Sett. Meanwhile, Master Yi will receive his first prestige skin as Spirit Blossom Master Yi Prestige Edition.

Some other skins in the Spirit Blossom 2022 event include Spirit Blossom ApheliosSpirit Blossom Soraka, Spirit Blossom Syndra, Spirit Blossom Evelynn, Spirit Blossom Tristana, Spirit Blossom Yorick, and Spirit Blossom Darius.

Spirit Blossom 2022 Release Date

As Spirit Blossom 2022 will be the Worlds 2022 event, it should release alongside the Worlds Pass Event in patch 12.19, which should take place on October 6.

League of Legends players will be able to buy all nine Spirit Blossom 2022 skins on October 6, along with the new and returning chromas.

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