Spirit Blossom 2020 Chromas Will Return in 2022

Our favorite chromas from Spirit Blossom 2020 will be returning this year.

Spirit Blossom event is one of the most popular events released in League of Legends. Initially released in 2020, it is considered one of the best event Riot has ever created.

The event came with the new Spirit Blossom skin line, which included great skins for champions such as Yone, Yasuo, Ahri, Cassiopia, Thresh, Teemo, Lillia, Kindred, and Vayne. In addition, each of the skins also received an event-exclusive chroma. Like the skins, the chromas were very popular too. Unfortunately, as the chromas were limited, many people missed their chance of getting them.

However, after two years, Riot has finally announced the long-awaited Spirit Blossom’s return in 2022. The Spirit Blossom 2022 event will also come with new nine new skins. These skins are Spirit Blossom Evelynn, Spirit Blossom Aphelios, Spirit Blossom Yorick, Spirit Blossom Tristana, Spirit Blossom Syndra, Spirit Blossom Darius, Spirit Blossom Sett, Spirit Blossom Soraka, and Spirit Blossom Master Yi.

With the return of the Spirit Blossom event, fans were speculating if they would bring back the old chromas. As it turns out, Riot might be planning to bring back the chromas.

According to a Twitter post by Julex Gameplays, Spirit Blossom 2020 Chromas will return with Spirit Blossom 2022 event.

When will the chromas return?

The exact date has not been revealed yet, but we expect the chromas to return in patch 12.19, which is scheduled to hit live servers on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

Which chromas will return?

Here are all the Spirit Blossom 2020 Chromas that might return in 2022:

  • Spirit Blossom Yone – Night Blossom Chroma
  • Spirit Blossom Yasuo – Night Blossom Chroma
  • Spirit Blossom Ahri – Night Blossom Chroma
  • Spirit Blossom Vayne – Night Blossom Chroma
  • Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia – Night Blossom Chroma
  • Spirit Blossom Kindred – Night Blossom Chroma
  • Spirit Blossom Lillia – Night Blossom Chroma
  • Spirit Blossom Riven – Night Blossom Chroma
  • Spirit Blossom Thresh – Night Blossom Chroma

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