“We are not trying to play negotiation games with our players” Apex Legends game director on the recent battle pass changes

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Respawn recently reverted back some of the new changes to the battle pass in Apex Legends following player complaints.

All this began with the launch of the new season 7 of Apex Legends. As usual, a new season came with a completely new battle pass. However, players quickly realized how grindy the new battle pass was and made several threads on different social media platforms to showcase their dissatisfaction.

Most players in the Apex Legends community agreed that the new changes were a bit too much. Furthermore, some players were playing for hours without seeing any level up in their battle passes.

Apex battle pass s7
Image via Respawn

After many player complaints, Respawn decided to alter the battle pass a little bit. Thus making the grind more enjoyable and less grindy. Following the change, Apex Legends game Director Chad Grenier explained the reasoning behind their decision regarding the battle pass.

Apex Legends game director responds:

There were really 2 changes to the battle pass, each had its own reason. First, we streamlined the challenge system to reward stars, and 10 stars is a battlepass level. We implemented this change with the intent to simplify how the battlepass works and more clearly indicate what a challenge is worth“, Chad Grenier on the new changes.

Chad Grenier explained how their initial goal was to make the whole progression system more streamlined. And at the same time, they also wanted to make players more engaged with the entire duration of the season.

We’ve seen in our data that most players were completing the battlepass about 2/3 through the season and then not having much left do to in the season. We believed that players would enjoy playing the game if they always had something to progress and earn, so we adjusted our challenges to hopefully give players something to accomplish in that final month of a season“, Chad Grenier also added.

Apparently, the data shows that most players usually complete their battle pass about 2/3 through the season. Thus, they made some subtle changes to give players something to accomplish in the final month of a season.

Additionally, Chad also explained that their intention was not to force players into buying battle pass levels. And they will keep listening to the feedback of players to better tune it in the future.

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