Respawn cracks down on Diamond plus ranked players for using exploits to farm Bronze players in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn just banned 419 players ranging from Diamond to Predator in Apex Legends for allegedly using exploits to farm players in the lower ranks.

The use of exploits in ranked matchmaking is not a new thing. Almost all the top competitive games that have some sort of ranked matchmaking suffers from this exact problem. And Apex Legends is no exception to this rule.

Earlier Apex Legends players were dashboarding to farm RP in the ranked games. After Respawn took action against those players, exploiters started to group in the ranked lobbies. Recently, Respawn even took care of 15+ PS4 players for grouping in the game.

Respawn bans exploiters:

In a recent tweet, Hideouts, who is the security personal at Respawn just announced that he banned over 419 Diamond plus ranked players for abusing an exploit in the game to farm players in the Bronze lobbies.

Basically, these players literally farmed RP illegally and ruined many player’s experiences in the game. Respawn has been cracking down really hard on cheaters, exploiters, and rank abusers in the game. The fight against exploiters and cheaters is always going to be an ongoing one. Players in the Apex Legends community seems to be really happy with these new bans.

Furthermore, the new season is upon us and that means a new ranked split. Respawn’s security division will have to amp up their game to cope with the new wave of cheaters in the game.

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