Apex Legends players feel season 7 battle pass is overly “grindy”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn just launched season 7 of Apex Legends which introduced horizon, trident, and a completely new map called Olympus.

The addition of a new map really caught the attention of many players in the community. This is the first time since season 3 Respawn introduced a completely new map in the game. Consequently, players are really hyped about this new season.

As with every new season, Respawn also introduced a whole new battle pass. Season 7 battle pass contains some exclusive legendary character skins for Wraith and Octane. On the weapon front, Respawn is giving R99 the royale battle pass treatment with some exclusive reactive skins. Furthermore, players will also get a legendary prowler skin alongside a slew of different skydive emotes.

Apex Legends battle pass s7
Image via EA

Apex community reacts to the grindy battle pass:

However, this time around Respawn made some tweaks to the progression system in the battle pass. While it was done to make the challenges more simplified, in reality, many players in the Apex Legends community feels that the new season 7 battle pass is overly grindy compared to battle passes from previous seasons.

In short, players in the community feel that season 7 battle pass feels unrewarding as you need to grind twice as hard to get almost exactly the same amount of items as previous seasons. Since Respawn didn’t dramatically increase the battle pass rewards, some players are already complaining about how unsatisfying the grind has become.

Apex Legends battle pass has always been fairly balanced in terms of how many hours players have to play in order to unlock everything. And the recent changes to the challenges and objectives might have made the overall player experience a bit too grindy.

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