VALORANT Patch Notes 7.07: 5-Stack Changes, Bug Fixes, & More

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VALORANT 7.07 patch notes are out. Apparently, Riot Games hasn’t released anything big with the update.

On August 29, 2023, Riot Games released the long-awaited Episode 7 Act 2 update. Along with it, VALORANT received a number of substantial changes that should revamp the ongoing meta.

To begin, Riot Games made changes to 11 Agents in the most recent patch. Among them, Jett, Astra, and Skye received significant modifications to their kits.

VALORANT also released its tenth map, Sunset, in the same update. The map went live with the release of Episode 7 Act 2. Since Act 2’s release, Riot Games has released two additional patches to fine-tweak the game.

And now, Riot Games has revealed patch notes 7.07, meaning the third update of Episode 7 Act 2. According to what we’ve seen in the patch notes, the developers are reverting to the old 5-Stack system. Apart from that, there won’t be any big updates other than some bug fixes.

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VALORANT Official Full 7.07 Patch Notes

Here’s the official patch notes revealed by Riot Games:

Competitive Updates

Dev Notes: After listening to your feedback, we have decided to remove the recent rank restriction made to 5 stacks that was implemented in Patch 7.06. We know how important it is to play with your friends and your need for flexibility in order to do that.

Initially, the rank restriction was made to prevent people from illegitimately boosting to the highest ranks like Radiant. In the end, we realized that your ability to have flexibility with your 5 stack was more important than the very small number of people who abuse this exploit. However, we still recognize that boosting is a risk to competitive integrity and are working on an appropriate long term solution that doesn’t impact your ability to play with friends in a 5 stack.

Map Updates


  • Updated the destruction VFX for the destructible door panels located at Mid Doors/Garage in order to make it easier to see through as it falls away.

Performance Updates

  • Enabled multithreaded rendering for discrete Intel GPUs and lowered required CPU core count.

Bug Fixes


In Patch 7.06, we fixed a bug that allowed the game to output surround sound when certain conditions were met, but the surround mix was untested and unsupported. VALORANT currently only supports stereo and mono sound output.

  • To simulate surround sound on headphones, we offer an HRTF setting. We do not recommend combining the HRTF setting in game with other surround sound virtualization software at the same time since this will result in double processing.
  • Note that other surround sound virtualization software cannot derive surround sound information from the stereo mix.


  • Cypher
    • Neural Theft (X) now completes even if Cypher dies after casting.
    • Fixed an issue where you could remain blinded if spectating a flash through Cypher’s Spycam (E) as the round ended.
  • Gekko
    • Dizzy’s (E) enemy detection range is now correctly reduced while inside of Viper’s Pit (X) ability.


  • Fixed an issue where the Attacker team takes priority over the Defender team in the Overtime vote.
  • Fixed a bug where a second timer bar would appear after the “Choose Side” vote had already ended.
  • Fixed a bug where certain scenarios would cause subsequent Overtime Priority votes to occur in the following round.

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