VALORANT Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Skin Bundle: First Look, Price, Release Date, & More

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT’s upcoming skin bundle has been revealed. According to Riot Games, it’ll be the sequel to Gaia’s Vengeance.

Riot Games chose the microtransactions revenue model for VALORANT because it is a free-to-play online title. As a result, almost every update includes a slew of new skin bundles and cosmetic items.

These skins are also popular among players due to their aesthetics and unique colorways. Furthermore, these skins provide players with a sense of variety in the game. They can select specific skins or bundles from the vast collection of skins based on their personal preferences.

Although Riot Games releases unique skin bundles on a regular basis, some bundles receive far more positive feedback than others. As a result, Riot Games releases follow-ups to these bundles. Riot Games also thought the upcoming patch would be a good time to release Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0.

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Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Skin Bundle First Look

Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 will have the same characteristics as previous 2.0 bundles. That is, the bundle will be similar to the original Gaia’s Vengeance, except for the addition of new weapons.

Gaia's Vengeance 2.0
credit: valorant updates

Available Variants

Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 will feature the exact same color variations as the previous one.

  • Red (Default)
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

Available For

The weapon collection is not that interesting, either. The only exciting aspect of this bundle is the inclusion of a duel-yielding melee.

  • Phantom
  • Bucky
  • Shorty
  • Ares
  • Melee

Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Price

The Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 skin bundle, according to the leaks, will be a Premium Edition skin bundle. The Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 bundle will reportedly cost 7100 VP, while the skins will cost 1775 VP each. And expect to pay 3550 VP for the melee.

Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Release Date

The Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 skin bundle will go live on October 3, 2023.

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