VALORANT Imperium Skin Bundle: First Look, Price, Release Date, & More

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VALORANT’s upcoming skin bundle has been revealed. The name of the skin bundle is “Imperium.”

VALORANT usually releases a new skin bundle with every patch or update. As VALORANT is a free-to-play online multiplayer game, microtransactions are the only way Riot Games earns profit from it.

Since VALORANT’s release, the game has seen dozens of skin bundles released. Each of these bundles has unique designs, features, and characteristics that cater to different types of player bases.

The latest skin bundle VALORANT released was called Daydreams in the 7.03 patch. Players weren’t very fond of the skins, as they were from a Select Edition bundle. However, it is impossible to predict whether the Imperium skin bundle will be well received by the community.

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Imperium Skin Bundle First Look

The Imperium skin bundle shares familiar features from some of the previous skin lines. For starters, the emerald green combination with a golden touch closely resembles the skin from Serenity’s bundle.

The design, however, makes you think of the skin line as a discount Forsaken bundle. The melee is also nothing special. A similar melee weapon was also featured in the Iridian Thorn bundle.

Available Variants

Fortunately, Riot Games will offer three other color variants besides the green and golden ones. So, if you don’t like the bundle because of its color combination, you may want to check out the other variants before making your decision.

  • Emerald (Default)
  • Ruby
  • Pearl
  • Obsediun

Take a look at the Imperium Operator variants to get an idea of how the other skins will look.

Available for

  • Judge
  • Vandal
  • Sheriff
  • Operator
  • Melee

Imperium Skin Bundle Price

The Imperium skin bundle, according to the leaks, will be an entry-level Exclusive Edition skin bundle. The Imperium bundle will reportedly cost 8700 VP, while the skins will cost 2175 VP each. Expect to pay 4350 VP for the Blades of Imperium.

  • Imperium Judge – 2175 VP
  • Imperium Vandal – 2175 VP
  • Imperium Sheriff – 2175 VP
  • Imperium Operator – 2175 VP
  • Blades of Imperium – 4350 VP

Imperium Skin Bundle Release Date

The Imperium bundle’s release date hasn’t been revealed. However, it is very likely that the Imperium bundle will go live alongside the 7.04 patch, which should be released on August 29, 2023.

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