VALORANT’s 24th Agent ISO: Everything we Know So Far

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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Riot Games teased their 24th agent for VALORANT. What will be the new agent’s role, or which country will the hero be from? Let’s find out.

VALORANT, the hero-based tactical shooter from Riot Games, was first released on June 2, 2020. Since then, the game has gained enormous popularity in three successful years. One of the main reasons behind VALORANT’s fame is the constant support of developers by changing the game meta and adding new agents for fans to come back.

At the beginning of 2023, Riot Games confirmed that three new agents would be added to the list. The first one was Gekko, an initiator from Los Angeles. Following him, two more agents were expected, according to What’s Next in 2023 // Dev Diaries published by Riot Games.

With the inclusion of Episode 7 Act 1, VALORANT introduced Sentinel Deadlock, the second entry of the year and 23rd overall. With just a little left in 2023, we will still get another agent, which Riot has just teased on its official website.

From Riot’s teaser and latest leaks, we got some insights on VALORANT’s 24th agent’s role, origin, and expected release date. Here is everything we know so far.

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VALORANT’s 24th Agent Role : Will be a Duelist?

Riot Games promised three agents with distinguishable roles this year. As Initiator and Sentinel have already been added, the upcoming 24th agent will most likely be a Duelist. This speculation can be backed up by the latest State of the Agents tweet from VALORANT’s official Twitter account.

Riot made it very clear that they are aware of the long gap since the inclusion of the last Duelist agent in the game. So, they are planning to design a new agent for those aim-based ego fraggers who like to plow through their enemies.

So it is safe to say that the 24th agent in VALORANT will be a Duelist. This will be the seventh duelist of the game and just the second after Neon, who was introduced almost two years ago.

VALORANT’s 24th Agent: Codename

We still don’t have the name of the upcoming agent. But Riot assigns a codename for every agent in development. It is not the final name, but something to call the new agent by. These code names often bear similarities to the agent’s abilities.

According to Mike, who has been a trusted source for VALORANT leaks, the new agent’s codename will be “Architect.”

VALORANT’s 24th Agent: Origin

Each VALORANT agent is designed with a heart-catching backstory and different world regions to represent. Though the origin of the upcoming agent is still not confirmed, Riot may have teased its birthplace through a picture.

In the STATE OF THE AGENTS article, published on Riot’s official website, the developers have provided a picture of some Asian cuisine with a hand holding chopsticks. The picture is captioned as duckblood, which appears to be some kind of Chinese delicacy. All of these hints suggest the new agent is from the Chinese region where VALORANT was recently released, or may be Asian at the very least.

VALORANT's 24th Agent: Origin

New Agent ISO : First Look

The look and the name of the new agent has been leaked recently. From the leak the name of the new agent will be ISO. Another post on X of Mike from ValorLeaks also revealed the look of ISO.

The leaked picture portrays ISO in a stylish action pose with a pistol on one hand emitting smokes after firing . The background is supposed to be a violet portal which resembles the photo of the previously leaked player card “Bulletproof”.

New Agent ISO: Abilities

The abilities of VALORANT’s upcoming agent has been leaked. From a recent post of ValorLeaks on X we get an overlook of what ISO can do.

ISO’s (E) ability is called Doubled Tap and will cost 150. While active, getting a kill or assist will appear a pop up an orb above them, which you need to shoot to gain a shield. The shield will cover you one instance of damage from any source, even from ultimate abilities of other agents.

The (Q) ability is called Undercut and will cost 200. This will allow ISO to throw a fire bolt that goes through any objects even through walls. Enemies hit by this ability will become fragile for a limited time, making them easier to kill for instance.

The (C) ability is called Contingency and will cost 250 for each charge with a maximum of two. ISO will generate a massive forward moving wall made of prismatic energy. Similar to Harbor’s Cascade. This wall will block of sights and additionally bullets.

ISO’s (X) or ultimate ability is named Kill Contract. While active ISO will create an interdimensional area, pulling one enemy with him. This will emit the surroundings and force your enemy to a 1v1 duel. The ultimate will cost 7 points.

VALORANT’s 24th Agent: Release Date

The upcoming 24th agent in VALORANT can be expected to enter with the next Act. This was mentioned in the official statement of Riot’s post on the upcoming Episode 7 Act 3. The new act is still one month away. So fans should hold up their expectations until then.

That’s all we know so far about the upcoming VALORANT agent ISO. The developer has hinted that something unexpected is coming. As Riot never ceases to amaze with exciting agent and ability designs, we are very excited to see what this new agent can bring to the game.

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