VALORANT: Glitchpop skin bundle price, release date and more

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Riot Games

Riot just announced their latest skin bundle called “GLITCHPOP” following the fan-favorite “ONI and Sakura” collection of skins in VALORANT.

The bundle will be available for 8,700 VP. Individually these skins will cost around 2,175 VP and the Knife will be available to purchase at around 4,350 VP if you want to buy it separately. Since the current ONI collection will end on August 4th, it is safe to assume that this new bundle should go live tomorrow at the same time. Riot is currently on fire as they are releasing one amusing skin after another. This all started with the prime skins that they released with the official launch of the game.

Furthermore, Riot even announced a new tier of skins called the Ultra-premium when they announced the “ELDERFLAME” skin bundle. Even though these skin prices are sky-high, it is still hard to deny the fact that Riot sets a new benchmark each time they announce a new skin bundle.

Glitchpop Reveal Trailer:

YouTube video

The Glitchpop bundle will feature a Knife, Judge, Odin, Frenzy, and the Bulldog. And just like previous skins all of them will feature VFX effects. Seems like this time around Riot took heavy inspiration from Jinx who is a character from League of Legends when they made these skins. The whole colorful Unicorn inspired look will certainly attract Jinx mains from League of Legends.

In one word this Glitchpop skin bundle can be described as very “colorful“. Players who are really into colorful skins will appreciate this new addition from Riot’s cosmetic team.

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