VALORANT’s new “ONI” skin collection has been leaked and it looks absolutely gorgeous

The new "ONI" collection will certainly leave a hole in your bank account

Just right after Riot introduced their ultra edition skins called “Elderflame”, VALORANT fans were eager to know what else they are making.

Seems like VALORANT fans won’t have to wait much longer as a new leak just revealed what Riot is planning to bring out next. And it will definitely attract players who loves Japanese folklore. Furthermore, the new skin bundle will be called “ONI“. ONI in Japanese means hulking demon-like figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads.

The whole set will feature the same design language featuring this “ONI” demon as the main character. According to the leaks, this new collection will include phantom, guardian, bucky, and also the knife.

First look at “ONI PHANTOM”:

As of now, pricing is still unknown. However, based upon the previous skin bundles like the prime collection, this new collection won’t be cheap. It seems like this whole bundle could cost anywhere from 71$ to around 100$ depending on which tier of skin Riot decides to call this bundle when they make their official announcement.

Since Riot didn’t mention anything about this one as of now, take everything with a grain of salt. Although there is a good chance that Riot might introduce this new skin bundle with the start of their next ACT which is supposed to come out next month on August 4th.

With the previous skin releases, the player’s reaction has been pretty mixed so far. While everyone kind of unanimously agreed that those skins looked absolutely gorgeous, the high price point definitely drove some people way. As the skin prices have been steadily going in an upward trajectory, it will be interesting to see how Riot will charge for this new “ONI” skin bundles.

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