Riot responds to the misleading marketing allegations regarding the Radianite points in the VALORANT store

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Ever since VALORANT launched its closed beta, players were not really a big fan of the Radianite points that only allowed players to upgrade some VFX effects of some weapons.

Most players in the VALORANT community shared their distaste towards this premium currency that was only there to “milk” some extra money from the players. Furthermore, the pricing of the skin bundles has been a point of contention in the VALORANT community for some time right now.

While some players argue that VALORANT is a free-to-play title and they need to make their money in some way, most players still think Riot needs to dial down their aggressive pricing strategy a little bit to find the correct balance. Meanwhile, the main debate has been mostly surrounded by controversial Radianite points.

Additionally, when you buy a skin bundle in VALORANT, you just get a base version of those skins. However, if you want to get all the different VFX effects that are available for those skins, you have to use these Radianite points. Even though you can get Radianite points with just playing the game, the drop rate for these points is very low.

Radianite points VALORANT
Image via Riot Games

Which in turn, incentivizes players to spend more money to fully upgrade everything in a skin bundle that they already bought. The main problem is that these Radianite points are actually really expensive if you just want to purchase them outright without earning them.

VALORANT player calls out Riot on their “shady marketing practices”

Bet. We do follow and read these threads to understand what y’all are thinking. In addition to social media, we also field recurring high-level surveys that touch on general player sentiment and feels on everything from pricing to balance to around game systems. When we see things that we want to learn more about, we send out even more targeted surveys surrounding a particular topic or even host player labs to get real discussion going (labs have been harder with quarantine but we’re getting better at remote ones). Radianite Points is one of those topics where we’re digging into more on- I don’t want to give more info beyond here because it seems clear that on Reddit there’s a reinforced opinion, but we aren’t blind to the conversation. It’s just not constructive to jump in without any concrete promises that could get spun out”, VALORANT’s Revenue Lead on the misleading marketing allegations.

Riot finally replied to the misleading marketing claims. However, most players in the VALORANT community seemed unimpressed with Riot’s take on the matter. They want to take this to the FTC(Federal Trade Commission).

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