100T Hiko thinks abilities of the upcoming leaked agent “Killjoy” goes against what Riot initially promised with VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Ever since the closed beta of VALORANT went live, Riot was doubling down on their claim that this is a gunplay first game and abilities don’t kill people.

With the introduction of Raze as a playable character in the game, many players felt that Riot was contradicting themselves. On that claim, Riot responded, if you don’t respect the abilities it is OK for us that you die in that situation.

Since the next ACT is coming very soon, Riot has already started to tease the next agent. And it already created a big divide between players in the VALORANT community on whether or not this agent is a perfect fit for the game.

Hiko a former CSGO pro who is currently with 100T as a part of their professional VALORANT roster just shared his opinion regarding the leaked agent. According to Hiko, Riot is seriously contradicting themselves with “Killjoy” as their initial promise to the players was VALORANT was going to be purely gunplay focused skill-based game where abilities do not kill people.

100T Hiko thinks Riot is making a mistake

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Additionally, one of their original statements regarding VALORANT was “Bullets kill wizards“. However, Hiko thinks that with the introduction of another agent whose ability does a lot of damage goes against the very fundamentals of this game.

A few weeks ago a clip of Hiko emerged on the internet where he killed 4 enemies in a single round as Raze without even seeing the enemies on his screen.

Courtesy of Hiko

Furthermore, Hiko thinks abilities like these lower the skill ceiling in the game. And if this leaked character does become an actual agent then there needs to be a future agent with some sort of tank/shield/healing abilities to counter damage dealers in the game.

One of the devs at Riot did claim that the next agent after “killjoy” would be some sort of healer. Maybe that would balance out damage dealers like Raze and “Killjoy”. However, it is still too early to tell if this “Killjoy” is going to be as broken as everyone thinks she will be.

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