VALORANT Episode 2: All the Ranked Rewards

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Since Episode 3 of VALORANT is just right around the corner, a new leak has revealed all the rewards that will be available for playing ranked throughout Episode 2.

VALORANT has a unique Episode and Act structure instead of a more traditional seasonal model. Each Episode usually contains 3 Acts. And during the start of each Act players receive a soft reset in their ranks.

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Usually, Riot rewards players for taking part in competitive ranked VALORANT. For Episode 2, players are going to receive exclusive gun-buddies. These gun buddies are basically gun charms that can be equipped on the weapon of your choice.

Episode 2 Ranked Rewards

Furthermore, these gun buddies will be given based upon players’ ranked progression throughout the whole Episode. As Episode 3 is really near, Riot Games has already started to tease the player base with future updates.

From reducing weapon prices to a new agent, a lot of interesting meta-shifting changes are coming with Episode 3. Also, a recent leak has revealed the starting and ending dates of each act in Episode 3.

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Everything regarding Episode 3 will be revealed soon in a Livestream on VALORANT. Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming Episode 3 of VALORANT.

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