According to leaks, the newest VALORANT agent might feature counter-ability perks

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image via: Riot Games

VALORANT’s 16th Agent might be featuring abilities that harness the power of Radinaites; presumably to counter abilities. 

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Recently, a series of Tweets from Cynprel indicates that Riot might be working to introduce an agent with nullifying abilities. For a long time, VALORANT gained a reputation of being an utility heavy game with less room for tactical shootings. Although that might be correct in some ways, the continuous usage of utilities & specific agent abilities sometimes really hinder the tactical aspects of the game. If the leaks are accurate, then players can hope to see a more competitive form of VALORANT.

In the last six months, Valorant players were introduced to two new agents, Yoru & Astra. Both agents are now heavily present in the competitive Valorant scene. Yoru identifies as a duelist, while Astra is a controller agent. With the 5 Duelists & 4 Controllers already present in the game, it’s presumable that VALORANT’s 16th agent will most likely be an Initiator or Sentinel.

According to the hints presented by Cynprel, the Portal on Breeze is more active with new VFX & SFX added to it. Also, the digital banner underneath the Portal says “Arrival Imminent”. Episode 2 ACT 3 will conclude on June 22, which also serves as an ideal time to release the new agent. Additionally, the Masters 3 Berlin will start on September 9th of this year, so a new agent has to arrive long before the event.

Regardless of the window of release, a new agent’s arrival right before the start of Berlin Masters will definitely add to the current meta of VALORANT.

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