The new Elderflame skin bundle in VALORANT will cost you around $292 to fully upgrade everything

$292 to unlock everything from the scratch

The new “ultra” edition Elderflame skin bundle in VALORANT is the most expensive one yet from Riot Games.

To unlock the base bundle you would have to pay around $100. According to a Reddit user DerCarrot27, to fully unlock every single color variation of the skin for all five different weapons in this bundle would cost around $292. However, it doesn’t count the amount of Radianite points gained through just playing or attaining directly from the battle pass.

The first very first prime skin bundle in VALORANT that was released with the official launch of the game had a pretty mixed reception. Many players in the VALORANT community deemed the asking price of around $71 for some skin bundles as outrageous.

VALORANT Elderflame Skin Pack 292$
Image via Riot Games

However, there were some outliers who believed that Riot is not a charity and the skin price is reasonable for a free-to-play FPS game. Since enough players still bought the prime bundle, it really didn’t matter for Riot as they certainly made their money back from the top 1% of players.

Visibility is an issue for the Elderflame bundle

Apart from all the complaints about the price of these skins and how you can buy 2-3 triple-A quality games for the same price, VALORANT players are also complaining about how these new skins are just too distracting. No matter how cool these skins look, it is hard to deny the fact that the new skins are literally living breathing dragons.

Since VALORANT is a very competitive game at its core, the skins might clash with the competitive integrity of the game. Some pro players already shared their concern over the fact that they think there should be an option to turn off these extra effects in big tournaments as they can be quite distracting.

Riot even claimed that they want to focus heavily on the balance aspect and if they introduce something that breaks the game competitively it is definitely not intentional. And even though the price point for these skins is pretty high if you want to unlock everything from scratch, some players still think that it is reasonable for a free-to-play game.


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