Riot nerfed Reyna secretly without even mentioning it once in the latest patch note for VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

With the latest VALORANT patch 1.03, Riot made some necessary updates to their UI, buffed the Guardian, added a new Orb for the spike rush mode, made the surrender option more convenient, etc.

However, in the latest patch, they sneaked in a massive nerf to Reyna without even mentioning it once in the patch notes. Right now some Reyna mains are complaining that a character who is supposed to be a self-sufficient solo fragger got a nerf that made her more difficult to play as a solo fragger. And the worst part is that Riot didn’t even acknowledge the fact that they nerfed her.

Before the latest patch, she could easily use her Devour to either become invincible for a short duration of time or stack up extra health. As it turns out, after the new patch she can’t use her devour ability if the orb that pops out of the opponent after you get a kill is not in your LOC(Line of sight).

Riot didn’t even mention it once

From now on, if you are not looking directly at the orb after you use your Q to heal, it cancels the healing. This subtle change might not look like a big deal. However, this slight change forces her to keep staring at the wall behind the enemy she just killed instead of being able to move or even look away.

While the patch note left out the part where they nerfed Reyna in a pretty significant way, the implications are actually pretty noticeable. Consequently, some Reyna mains are not happy as their main got a nerf and didn’t even get a proper acknowledgment from Riot.

Ever since Reyna was introduced to the game with the official launch, she dominated solo queue. Seems like that might change with the introduction of more duelist agents. The way Riot has been aggressively balancing the game, Reyna might not be a solo player’s dream pick any more in the future. Which in turn might be a good or a bad thing depending on how well Riot balances the game in the future.

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