Riot just banned a new wave of players for using a free cheat that was being heavily advertised online

Don't use free cheat online lads

Riot just “soul banned” a new wave of players who allegedly used a free cheat in VALORANT.

Just recently Riot used their ban hammer to ban more than 3700 players for using third part illegal software to get an advantage over their opponents. Following that wave, Paul Chamberlain, one of the developers behind Vanguard(Riot’s in-house anti-cheat solution) just announced that they banned a new wave of players for using a free cheat.

While Riot’s anti-cheat solution vanguard initially got some flak from the community regarding how intrusive its implementation was, there is no denying that having a kernel-level anti-cheat solution does work really well.

However, even devs at Riot did acknowledge that no matter how robust an anti-cheat solution may be, hackers will always find a workaround. Fighting against cheaters in an online FPS game will be an ongoing battle.

Hackers advertised free cheats online

The new ban wave was quite interesting as almost all of them used the exact same cheat that was being heavily advertised online on the forums and some YouTube videos. And it came as no big surprise that Vanguard immediately caught them and Riot used their banhammer pretty efficiently.

Vanguard Anti-cheat VALORANT ban
Image via Riot Games

Following the new ban wave, these cheaters who used free cheats started to reach out to the devs at Riot to unban them from the game. Seems like that is not going to happen as Riot takes cheating pretty seriously in their games.

While it is a pretty common practice to not use any free cheat online, seems like most of these cheaters were new and had no idea about the consequences they might face. According to the game director of VALORANT, Riot will continue the noble fight to keep their game fair and competitive.


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