Riot rapidly bans more than 3700 cheaters in VALORANT who were using cheats that cost $100+ dollars

Riot’s Vanguard just banned 3700+ cheaters permanently where some of them were using cheats that cost $100+ dollars.

Riot Games introduced their new FPS title VALORANT with a robust anti-cheat called Vanguard. Even in its beta phase Riot promised that with the help of Vanguard, there will be way fewer cheaters in-game. And they proved their new system by banning the first cheater just after a few days of it’s release and later soul banned thousands of accounts in beta.

Riot introduced their auto-banning system that came along with the VALORANT’s full release on June 2. And after a month of its release, it seems like they are mess banning accounts once again for cheating.

On Twitter, AntiCheatPD tweeted out that more than 3700 accounts have got hardware banned in this latest ban wave. He shared an Imgur link that contains multiple screenshots of cheaters conversations where they were talking about how and why they got banned. “3700+ HWID Bans these people have paid 100$+ for cheats that are detected not only that their forums got hit offline at the same time :o,” AntiCheatPD added on that tweet.

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Riot Vanguard also tweeted out saying that, “Taking action to remove a large amount of cheaters from VALORANT permanently.” They also mentioned all the players who helped them by submitting reports will also get a notification whenever they log in into their accounts.

Soon after that, many players were sharing those notifications that they received on social media. Riot Games’ Programmer & anti-cheat lead Paul Chamberlain replied on Ninja’s tweet by saying, “I forgot to tell people that this was coming.”

He also mentioned that this Reported cheater messages are still on the experimental stage and only triggers if the person who has reported is online while they ban the reported person. They are already working on improvements which will include the cheater’s ID as well.

Although Riot did receive a lot of backlash because of their new anti-cheat, everyone has to admit that Vanguard is doing a great job combating cheaters. And we can expect to see many more bans to be followed in the upcoming future.

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