Starfield: Sarah Morgan Companion Guide

Rafeed Sultan
By Rafeed Sultan
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Credits: Bethesda Game Studios

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about gaining Sarah Morgan as a Companion in Starfield.

Starfield, the latest RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, is a big, vast, and scary universe to travel alone. This game has many companions to recruit, but one of the most beautifully written characters is Sarah Morgan. She’s a morally well-built character, believes in lawful justice, and disapproves of cruelty.

Sarah Morgan had a past tragedy before the days of Constellation. While she was only a navigator, her ship saw significant combat. The trauma she experienced in the past is something she still carries to this day.

After the war, Sarah Morgan devoted her life to a Starfield Exploration Team, Constellation, in New Atlantis, on Jemison. Searching the galaxy for new worlds and new wonders to uncover. She found a purpose, direction, and a family to share them with. Sarah joins you as you embark on a quest to locate a mysterious artifact.

This Starfield guide aims to deliver all the information you need to know before recruiting Sarah Morgan as your Companion.

Sarah Morgan Skills

Sarah Morgan Skills
Credits: Bethesda Game Studios

Sarah Morgan possesses expertise in several areas, including:

  • Astrodynamics (4 stars) – Reduces grav jump fuel cost.
  • Lasers ( 3 stars) – More Proficient with lasered weaponry.
  • Leadership (2 stars) – Large health and inventory capacity.
  • Botany (1 star) – More likely to gift plants or plant-based items.

How to Recruit Sarah Morgan

To hire Sarah Morgan as your companion, you need to finish the mission known as “The Old Neighbourhood.” Once this mission is over, Sarah will express her keen interest in joining you on your journey despite her ongoing responsibilities as the leader of Constellation.

There will be two options:

  1. To hire her as a Commander
  2. To hire her as a Companion

Can You Romance Sarah Morgan?

Can You Romance Sarah Morgan?
Credits: Bethesda Game Studios

In Starfield, Sarah Morgan has limited options regarding romance. But with persistence and the right choices, you can unlock the option to romance and subsequently marry her.

To build a romantic connection, consistently choose the [FLIRT] option when available and opt for kind dialogue, even when not explicitly marked as a flirt. Moreover, you must also choose dialogues that praise the Constellation’s work.

Furthermore, you must also give enthusiastic responses on topics surrounding exploration and space travel whenever you’re speaking to Sarah. Over time, these choices will lead to Sarah becoming more open-minded and closer to you.

Finally, you must continue pursuing these interactions and making decisions that foster a deeper emotional connection. This may take time and patience, but your efforts will be counted.

If you wish to learn more about romancing Sarah and how to marry her, then you can check out our Starfield: Romance Guid.

Sarah Morgan Assignments

Sarah Morgan Assignments
Credits: Bethesda Game Studios

It is crucial to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates in Starfield before assigning them a role. With her exceptional knowledge of astrodynamics, Sarah fits in as a perfect candidate for planning, space travel, and navigation. Considering this expertise, she can effectively serve as a ship navigator. Therefore, she would be a valuable asset in ship-related work, handling lasers in combat, too!

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