Starfield: All Burden of Proof Evidence Locations

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Here are all the locations of the evidences for the Burden of Proof Evidence quest in Starfield:

Starfield features a plethora of activities to be done by the players right from the very beginning of the game. Alongside completing the storyline, players will also be tasked with collecting various items throughout the missions. Hence cometh the quest “Burden of Proof.”

In this quest, you will have to conduct a large-scale investigation into the infamous Crimson Fleet members. This will be initiated after you get an offer to join the Vanguard. If you choose to join Vanguard, the mission will automatically start, and you will be tasked with gathering 20 pieces of evidence.Finding all the pieces is undoubtedly one of the most challenging tasks. However, in this guide, we will make it as simple as possible for you to ease this task. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

All Burden of Proof Evidence Locations in Starfield

Below are the location of all the evidences you have to collect to continue your investigation on the Crimson army:

EvidenceQuestHow/ Where to Get
Naeva MeetupDeep CoverCydonia Bar
Carter’s GigEchoes of the PastCarter’s locker in the D-block section.
Warden’s LogEchoes of the PastWarden’s office
Request DeniedBreaking the BankCaptain’s Quarters of the Sirens of the Stars ship.
Breaking the BankPay Gabriel Verra 2,500 credits
Huan’s TalkThe Best There IsKitchen, Kay’s House.
Eubanks & WoodsThe Best There IsGabriel Vogel’s office
Voss’ PartsThe Best There IsBesides Delgado’s computer.
The Big ScoreAbsolute PowerMadame Sauvage’s Bar.
Meeting with BayuAbsolute PowerGenerdyne Industries Office.
Ayumi’s OfferAbsolute PowerEuophorika Members Only Lounge.
Mortem OrbireEye of the StormThe Legacy Ship
Gennady AytonDoctor’s OrderThe Clinic Space Station.
Message for BogReclaiming the PastEcliptic Facility, Lost Nova bar.
Request A17Rook Meets KingJazz’s Ship Service office.
Mira’s DemiseRook Meets KingRoom in the Bunk area
Chunks HeistBy DefaultRed Mile, Porrima III
Hopetown RaidBy DefaultThe Pit Stop Bar, Hopetown.
ChiropteraBy DefaultLizzy’s Open Bar, Gagarin.
Kreet OfferBy DefaultThe Den, Chthonia.
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