Star Ocean: The Divine Force – Private Actions

Here is a breakdown of what Private Actions are in Star Ocean: The Divine Force and how they improve your bonds with your allies.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is the latest entry in Square Enix’s Star Ocean franchise, making it the sixth installment in the series. The standalone entry features dual-protagonists Raymond and Laeticia, whose adventures will shake the universe to its core.

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You’ll need many allies to tackle the Empire as an invasion looms over the Aucerian Kingdom. Sure, you will make plenty of allies who will accompany you and aid you in battle. However, the bonds you form with them will influence their devotion to your cause and determine the character ending you get in the game.

Private Actions have long existed in the Star Ocean franchise. But The Divine Force takes it one step further by introducing the Affection Points system that determines which comrade will stand beside you at the journey’s end.

What are Private Actions in Star Ocean: The Divine Force?

Private Actions in Star Ocean: The Divine Force are like friendship events. They are generally designed to allow you to converse with your teammates outside the main story setting and get to know them more intimately.

Private actions generally appear when you get to free-roam around town. The party disbands during that time, and you can walk around to explore and interact with different NPCs and playable characters. That said, not every interaction with a teammate will count as private action.

What are Private Actions in Star Ocean: The Divine Force?
Credit: Square Enix

You’ll be notified when a Private Action is triggered to make things easier. When an interaction with a party member counts as a Private Action, the event name will show up at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

To engage in a Private Action, you first must find your teammates. Your party members’ locations will be depicted in green dots across the area map. In addition, the game sometimes presents you with certain dialogue choices during a private action.

Since there is a timer, you’ll have to pick responses that your companion will favor. The game will pick a default response if you fail to choose a dialogue option within the allotted time. Picking the correct answer will boost your Affection Points with them. And you will get a character ending with the person you gained the highest Affection Points with.

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