Can You Recruit Theo and J.J. in Star Ocean – The Divine Force?

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Here’s what you must do to recruit Theo and J.J. to Laeticia and Raymond’s parties, respectively.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force, or Star Ocean 6, is the latest entry in Square Enix’s fantasy action RPG franchise of Star Ocean. The game features two protagonists, Laeticia and Raymond, who each embark on their own journey as a war breaks out between Aucerius Kingdom and the Empire. The two protagonists meet by chance when Raymond’s spaceship crash lands on the planet of Aucerius.

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The game allows players to experience the story from either of these protagonists’ perspectives. Since their fates are intertwined, no matter whom you choose to play, the other protagonist will become a part of your party. In addition to Raymond and Laeticia, The Divine Force also features eight other playable characters who can be recruited during your journey.

Having said that, six of these eight playable characters can be recruited without a hassle, no matter whom you’re playing as. The other two route-exclusive characters can only be recruited based on whether you’re playing Laeticia or Raymond’s story path. These two characters are Theo Klemrath and J.J. In this guide, we will go over how to recruit Theo and J.J. to your party permanently.

Recruit Theo and J.J. in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Theo and J.J. are the only two route-exclusive recruitable party members in Star Ocean: The Divine Force, making them unique to each story path. As a result, the two of them cannot be recruited together. Having said that, Theo can only be recruited when playing the game from Laeticia’s perspective. And J.J. can be recruited when playing the game from Raymond’s perspective.

Recruit Theo

How to Recruit Theo in Star Ocean: The Divine Force
Credit: Square Enix

Theo Klemrath is Laeticia’s cousin and the Knight Commander of the Aucerian Navy. You must play the story from Laeticia’s perspective to recruit him to your party. Given you’ve picked Laeticia’s story route, you will encounter Theo when you visit the Aucerius Castle dungeon in Chapter 4.

Theo can only be let out of prison after getting a royal order from King Aucerius declaring his pardon. However, that alone will not be enough. You will be tasked with collecting three signatures from Melthia, Captain Bertrand, and Colonel Gaetel on the royal decree to get it approved. Only then will Theo be out of prison and join your party.

King Aucerius can be found in the Throne Room of Castle Aucerius. Once you talk to him about Theo, he will give you the scroll containing the royal order commanding Theo to aid Laeticia and Raymond in their journey.

However, he will emphasize that the royal decree alone will not be enough to pardon Theo and that you must convince the other three representatives affected by Theo’s transgressions to sign it.

Once you have collected all three signatures in his highness’s royal decree, return to the Aucerius Castle dungeon and speak to Theo to recruit him to your party.

All Theo Signature Locations

Below are all three locations you’ll need to visit to collect the signatures required for recruiting Theo.


You’ll have to get the first signature from Director Melthia, who can be found on the second floor of the Semiomancy Consortium. Her location has been marked below.

Credit: Square Enix


For your second signature, you’ll have to return to Castle Aucerius and speak to Captain Bertrand at the marked location below.

Credit: Square Enix


You will have to get the last signature from Colonel Gaetel, who can be found at the Seaport of Cotto. Once you enter the region, keep heading north until you reach the ship. Enter the building opposite to the dock, head on to the second floor, and speak to Colonel Gaetel in the location marked below.

Credit: Square Enix

Recruit J.J.

How to Recruit J.J. in Star Ocean: The Divine Force
Credit: Square Enix

J.J. is a humanoid samurai warrior that briefly joins your party as a guest member as part of the main story event of Chapter 4 in Raymond’s route. You can only recruit him as a permanent party member by doing his side quests when playing Raymond’s story path.

To recruit J.J. as a permanent party member, you must complete the story section of Paladurnia and defeat the main boss of that region. Since he is an optional party member, you have the freedom to recruit him at any time, even in the post-game.

To recruit J.J., you must complete the following side-quests: Material Deficit, JJ on a mission, and Parrapoeiam on the Rebound. These simple fetch quests require you to bring 16 Cylinders, 8 Capacitors, and 4 Scorpion Chips.

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