Star Ocean: The Divine Force – How To Level Up Fast

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Learn all the ways you can level up your characters in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is a huge JRPG, which offers a lot of content, gameplay systems, and mechanics to learn, master, and enjoy. Just like any JRPG, Star Ocean: The Divine Force also has an emphasis on skills, abilities, stats, and leveling up your characters. Otherwise, you won’t stand a chance against the myriad of enemies against you.

Purchasing and obtaining only the best equipment won’t take you very far. You must also unlock powerful skills and strengthen your stats to set yourself apart from everyone else. To do so, you must grind your characters differently to rack up experience points and level up.

all the ways you can level up your characters in Star Ocean: The Divine Force
credits: tri-Ace

Moreover, leveling up is the primary way to gain SP (Skill Points). These are needed to unlock new skills in the Skill Tree. If you don’t unlock at least the best skills in Star Ocean: The Divine Origin, you’ll fall short in turning battles around and won’t enjoy the combat either.

There are several ways to farm for EXP and level up fast in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Some are inefficient and slow, while some methods are fast and enjoyable.

This guide outlines all the best ways to level up fast in Star Ocean: The Divine Force so that you are always in top shape and ready to take down the most hardest of bosses. Read more below if you’re looking to farm and level up your characters fast in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

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Ways To Farm EXP and Level Up in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Take part in Battles

Star Ocean Divine Force level up fast
credits: tri-Ace

The most obvious and straightforward method to level up in Star Ocean: The Divine Force is to participate in combat and defeat enemies. But don’t go fighting only the weak enemies for hours. Instead, explore where you go to look for newer enemies with a higher level.

Defeating them will be more challenging, but the experience gained is always worth it. Not only you’ll gain experience and level up, but you’ll also learn more about your enemies and practice your combat style.

You should look for enemy groups near exits. They do not have to be very near. Just enough to let you exit the area and return fast so that the enemies respawn and you can fight them repeatedly. It’s a big plus if you manage to locate a band of more formidable enemies for an EXP boost. Nevertheless, you should always take part in fights no matter what types of enemies you find. The small EXP gains from weaker enemies will eventually benefit you in leveling up in the long run.

Attack with Blindside

Star Ocean Divine Force level farming guide
credits: tri-Ace

You can blindside enemies in Star Ocean: The Divine Force in two ways. During the battle and before starting a fight. Moving behind the enemy and attacking them makes them blindsided. Defeating them while they’re blindsided grants you small EXP bonuses. Always make sure you’re attempting a blindside whenever possible.

Use Surprise Attacks

Star Ocean Divine Force  how to level up fast farming guide
credits: tri-Ace

Surprise attacks, as the name suggests, are when you start a battle with the element of surprise, i.e., attacking enemies to initiate combat without being spotted. Furthermore, surprise attacks will also blindside enemies, so defeating them in both states rewards you an even better bonus EXP and Fol (currency in the game).

Surprise attacks can be tricky to perform initially, but with a couple of tries and knowledge of the terrains, you can jump on your enemies in many ways, rack up tons of EXPs, and level up fast. You can also use the Silencer skill to reduce enemy detection ability. This should be the go-to approach when farming for EXP in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Use Battle Chain

Star Ocean Divine Force EXP farming guide
credits: tri-Ace

Battle Chain occurs when you continually start battles with surprise attacking enemies near each other and in the same map area. With each Surprise Attack, your Battle Chain count increases, and so does the EXP you gain. The bonus from Battle Chain depends on the enemy levels; each Chain attack may give you a boost of 0.3 or 0.8.

You can also use the Silencer skill here and make chaining easier.

Grind in the Den’mohr Delve Dungeon

Located in the Edahli region, the Den’mohr Delve is filled with harsh and highly rewarding enemies. Not only for EXP but also for money and rare resources and items. Enemies here can be annoying, but with surprise attacks, blindside, battle chain, and intelligent use of your party’s skills, you can overcome this challenge and get rewarded with substantial EXP gains. Notably useful when you’re in the level 15 to 25 range.

Additionally, the bosses in this dungeon are some of the most problematic in the game. Don’t be afraid; prepare to face them, as defeating them a few times will rapidly raise your level and stats. After a certain point, you’ll find taking them down to be a breeze but still beneficial.

Use The Determined Princess Skill

Laeticia has one of the best skills in the game. Although it has its risks, the rewards can balance it off. This skill significantly increases your party gains EXP but sacrifices Laeticia’s stats. Keep this skill active whenever you grind for EXP, and you’ll level up in no time. Also, use it when you’re exploring the map or traveling; fight the enemies you encounter on your travels to boost your EXPs. Most of them won’t stand a chance against you anyways.

The downside is that Laeticia’s stats decreases more as the Determined Princess Skill levels up. Therefore, at higher levels of this skill, use it when you’re sure you can take down the foes with the handicapped Laeiticia. It won’t usually trouble you much unless you face someone with a vast level gap. Use it in conjunction with surprise attacks and the Den’mohr Delve for maximum results.

You can also try to risk it with a difficult boss. If you manage to win, you take home an absurd amount of EXP.

Use Equipment that raises Stats and EXP Gain

You will find a lot of accessories and armor that raise the amount of EXP you gain after winning a battle. Furthermore, equipment that gives you buffs in stats ensures you have an advantage in battle power, helping you win easily.

Gather resources, and earn some money to purchase and keep some of these valuable accessories and armor. Then, use a combination of both types of equipment to maximize your EXP rewards and level up fast in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Play At The Lowest Difficulty Level

Changing difficulty levels in Star Ocean: The Divine Origin does not affect the amount of experience points your receive at the end of a battle. Although, the enemies become weaker by a significant margin. Therefore, it is an excellent method to lower the difficulty to the Earth difficulty (lowest), destroy the weakened foes rapidly, and get stronger in the meantime.

If you’re looking to play through the game to enjoy the story, playing on the Earth difficulty from the start will make you unstoppable as you become overly powerful compared to your enemies.

These are all the ways to gain experience points and level up fast in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Follow the methods you find the most suitable and enjoy this sci-fi adventure with powerful characters in your arsenal. We suggest you combine all the methods outlined for the best results. You’ll be surprised you fast your party levels up.

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