Star Ocean: The Divine Force – How To Earn Money Fast

Learn to earn some quick and extra cash from our Star Ocean: The Divine Force money, Fol, farming guide.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force takes you on an enormous sci-fi journey where you and your friends fight against various enemies and overcome troubles to save the day. Like all JRPGs, this one also emphasizes combat, skills, leveling up, equipment and items.

As the game takes you on long journeys and epic adventures, you’ll need a lot of Fol, the in-game currency, to keep your party well-supplied with important items and equipment. These range from healing items, accessories, weapons, armor, and much more, giving an extra edge in your survival. Therefore, keeping a good store of restoratives and useful gear is an essential aspect of Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

While trying to unlock new abilities and grinding to get stronger, one can easily forget the need to earn extra money or Fol in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Hence, when in need, many fall short when trying to buy a powerful piece of gear or some healthy restoratives for the next fight.

The amount of Fol you earn by simply playing through the main questlines and occasional battles is never enough to get your hands on some powerful weapons and items. You need to invest time earning money, just like you do for stats.

Hence, this guide outlines some of the best ways you can earn extra money, Fol, fast in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

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Farming Fol (Money) in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Take part in Battle

The most common way to earn resources in any JRPG or RPG is to defeat enemies in battles. The stronger the enemies, the better the rewards. Therefore, you should always initiate fights if you want to earn some extra Fol.

Explore and fight the perfect spots that have a group of strong enemies. Furthermore, it would be best if you looked for enemies near map exits. This way, you can exit and enter to fight the same enemies as they spawn. Letting you bag a lot of money in a short time. This is a great way to farm for money and EXP in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Although it’s often the case that only weaker enemies nests near entrances, you should not avoid them as defeating weaker enemies is much quicker. Enemies will also drop items that you can sell off.

Different gameplay and combat techniques give you both EXP and Fol boosts. You” learn more about them below.

Attack with Blindside

Star Ocean Divine Force earn money Fol fast
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Attacking with Blindside not only gives additional EXP gains but also gives a bonus in Fol earned. Blindside is attacking the enemy from their back. You can do this while in combat and also while initiating combat.

Blindside also ensures you have the upper hand in a fight. So you should always seek to perform one to win a fight easily with a bonus in Fol, money earned.

Perform Surprise Attacks

Star Ocean Divine Force earn Fol money
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Surprise Attacks are initiated when you start combat by attacking an unsuspected enemy. It can be difficult initially to perform one, but a few tries will make you an expert on Surprise Attacks. First, you have to be aware of the enemy’s sense of vision and hearing and move accordingly. Then, move around the map and study the terrain to find the perfect spot for a Surprise Attack. You can also use items that help you stay in stealth, such as the Silencer item.

Additionally, a Surprise Attack also starts a Blindside, so you’re rewarded with a hefty Fol bonus multiplier, the same as EXPs.

Instead of fighting head one, always aim for both Suprise Attacks and Blindsides for an efficient Fol or money-farming routine in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Perform Battle Chain

Star Ocean Divine Force farm money Fol fast guide
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Battle Chain is an extension of Surprise Attacks. Performing Surprise Attacks consecutively to nearby enemies on the same map starts a Battle Chain. With every Battle Chain, you get a Fol bonus multiplier. It can be used to farm for EXP as well.

If you want to maintain a Battle Chain streak, make sure you don’t leave the area, as this will cancel the chaining.

Complete Side Quests

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Completing Side Quests is one of the enjoyable parts of any JRPG, the variety of side quests gives you an extra insight into characters, the game world, and lore and also rewards you greatly. Likewise, the rewards also include a handsome sum of Fol.

Yes, some side quests can be tedious. But the payout is worth it if you’re looking to make money quickly.

Complete Shop Quests

Shop Quests are given to you by shopkeepers and merchants. Here, you have to provide them with a specified amount of certain items. You can sell these items for a considerable price. But you should not sell valuable crafting items, no matter the price. Only sell them if you think you don’t need them.

Sell Items at Shops

Star Ocean Divine Force Fol money farming guide
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A standard method to earn a bit of money before heading onto the next mission is to sell items at shops. You’ll often find many of the same things and gears as you explore and find items through various means. Instead of hoarding them, sell the extra ones or the weaker items.

Fighting challenging enemies and bosses can fetch valuable treasures, sellable for an excellent price.

Unlock the Rainy Day Fund Skill

Albaird’s Rainy Day Fund Skill is a must-have if you often farm to earn money fast in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. This passive skill increases the amount of Fol or money earned after winning a battle.

Moreover, this skill can be leveled up through the skill tree to increase its effects permanently.

Play and Win in Es’owa

Es’owa is a type of tabletop mini-game with action figure cards in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Es’owa players are scattered throughout the world. If you win a game for the first time, you get the opponent’s pawn piece. Defeating them afterward rewards you with Fol.

Use Equipment that raises Fol earned

Equip items and accessories that boost your Fol payout after defeating an enemy. Even though the bonuses are small, it eventually sums to a reasonable amount that benefits you in the long run.

Keep a couple of Fol-boosting accessories to use when fighting against standard enemies.

Play at the Lowest Difficulty Level

Star Ocean Divine Force earn money fast
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Lowering difficulty does not affect the rewards you earn for defeating enemies. Therefore, you can play at the lowest difficulty, Earth, to quickly mow down even the toughest of bosses. Moreover, since your Fol and EXP gain is the same. Therefore, you can level up quickly as well when your farming for Fol. Making you several times stronger and richer than anyone.

These are all the ways you can earn money; Fol fast in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. You can also earn EXP and level up your characters by using a few of the methods mentioned here, especially combat-related ones. Check out our Star Ocean: The Divine Force leveling guide for a better understanding and farm for both EXP and Fol simultaneously.

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