Star Ocean: Divine Force – List Of All The Characters In the Game

Here is a complete list of all the characters in Star Ocean: Divine Force.

Yet another game from Star Ocean is here, and they have always made games with a massive list of playable characters. Fans have been craving the next Star Ocean game, and they are finally back this year. These action RPG games have always had an immense world and thrilling storyline. In fact, this time around, they are not backing out from giving game time to their fans.

Including multiple endings, Star Ocean offers around 40 hours of gameplay for just finishing the main story. Moreover, in the sixth installment of the Star Ocean series, you will be able to choose from a total of eight playable characters. Moreover, each character is unique and has different sets of skills. Below we have made a complete guide on all the characters in the Star Ocean: Divine Force.

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All Characters in Star Ocean: Divine Force

Among all the other games from the Star Ocean series, Divine Force is the first to have two different protagonists. In fact, depending on the Protagonist you choose, players will get to choose who they can add to their party. The main players are Raymond and Laeticia, and you can add more than eight characters to your party.

These are:

  • Raymond Lawrence
  • Laeticia Aucerius
  • Elena
  • Albaird Bergholm
  • Nina Deforges
  • Midas Felgreed
  • Malkya Trathen
  • Marielle L.Kenny

Raymond Lawrence

Star Ocean Raymond

Among the two main characters, Raymond is one of which you can choose to go on an epic adventure inside the beautiful world of Star Ocean. Raymond is the captain of the Star Ydas, and he leaves that vessel after he meets Laeticia. Raymond has good scientific know-how and advanced Tech skills, which can be helpful in the world of Star Ocean. Moreover, he uses a greatsword with which you can do a good amount of damage to your enemies.

Laeticia Aucerius

Star Ocean Laeticia

The second playable character you can choose to play with is Laeticia Aucerius. Unlike Raymond, Laeticia knows more about the world of Star Ocean rather than about Science and Technology.

She is from the royal family and is the process of the Kingdom of Aucerius of the planet Aster IV. Furthermore, she uses two blades and has faster movement and attacks than Raymond. So depending on how you like to play a game you should choose between these two.


Star Ocean Elena

Elena is another playable character in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. She is the first captain of Raymond Lawrence’s ship. You can have a lot of fun playing with her as she can switch weapons. You can use any weapon you like, from special weapons to spears and swords. Elena can be a perfect option for the crew since she can change her weapon depending on what kind of enemy you are facing.

Albaird Bergholm

 Star Ocean Albaird

To protect the princess, the loyal Knight of the Kingdom of Aucerius, her Knight in his shining armor, will also want to join your crew. Albaird Bergholm is a knight who can play with and use his Chakram to cause chaos in battle. Chakram is a throwing weapon, and he can manipulate his attacks with magic to make elemental and different ranged attacks.

Nina Deforges

Star Ocean Nina

Coming from the depths of Delryk Village, Nina Forges can join your party as a healer. Nina Deforges has a range of abilities, using her art of Latrimancy after training as an assistant under a Physician. Her goal is to find a cure for the disease that killed Father, and she will join your crew to search for it.

Her primary role in the party is to heal and keep everyone alive. However, she has a weird melee weapon in the form of a handbell to deal damage.

Midas Felgreed

Star Ocean Midas

Midas Felgreed is an engineer who comes from the planet Aster IV. He is also an engineer in a powerful position inside the Kingdom. However, he was banished as he did not have regard for laws and ethics. Midas is a Semiomancer and uses spells to do damage to his enemies.

His spells can do lots of damage, but they take a decent amount of time to cast. He can be an excellent addition to your team if you give him enough time to act and deal damage.

Malkya Trathen

Star Ocean Malkya

On your journey to Star Ocean, you will come across the Leader of the Trathen People of Nihbelth. She will join you and your crew with her ability to shape-shift and be like Mr. Fantastic by extending her arms. She uses knuckles along with golden armor and uses her long limbs to deal damage to her enemies.

Marielle L.Kenny

Star Ocean Marielle

The last person you can get to your party in Star Ocean is Marielle L.Kenny. Her surname resembles the famous Star Ocean family from all the other games in the Star Ocean series. She is the Vice-Captain of the Federation, and her grandfather has trained her to be a close-range and long-range specialist. Marielle is an excellent addition to the team as she can be someone who brings variety to the party.

Apart from the characters in the game, fast traveling is essential due to the vast map. So if you are wondering how to do that in the game. You can check out the article on Star Ocean: The Divine Force – How To Level Up Fast.

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