Star Ocean: Divine Force – All Main Missions

Here is a complete list of all the missions you will have to go through in Star Ocean Divine Force.

Star Ocean is the latest entry from Square Enix and its series of JRPGs. The new fiction fantasy comes in with eight different party members to choose from and two different protagonists to play as. JRPGs have always been known for their battle style and quests. In fact, Star Ocean offers all of that, along with huge character customization and choice.

Moreover, there are tons of main missions and side missions you will be able to do in Star Ocean Divine Force. Each mission in the game offers something different, ranging from defeating someone to rescuing someone or getting an item. If you are wondering how many main missions are in Star Ocean: Divine Force. Below we have made a complete list of all the main missions.

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All Main Missions in Star Ocean: Divine Force

There are a lot of different kinds of character customization available in Star Ocean: Divine Force. You will be able to collect different types of character skins, weapons, and much more in your journey. Furthermore, the game has a massive map for you to explore and gives about 40 hours of gameplay just finishing the main storyline. If you want to dig deeper and finish all the side missions, it will give you around 50-55 hours of gameplay.

Furthermore, Star Ocean has around 4 Chapters you will go through, and each of these chapters has different places you will have to go to do missions. Below we have listed all the chapters and the places you will have go to go to finish the story.

Credit- Square Enix

Chapter 1: In Search of the Three Wise Men

  • Larcasse Weald
  • Mhedume Ruins
  • Larcasse Weald Revisited
  • Larcette Village
  • Larcasse Region
  • Del’vyr Region
  • Delryk Village
  • Delryk Mines
  • Del’vyr Region Revisited
  • Seaport of Rythal
  • Edahli Region
  • Village of Eda

Chapter 2: Rescuing the Ydas Crew

  • Galca Shrine
  • Laeticia Story: Investigating the falling pod
  • Ray Story: Helping Elena
  • Seeking a boat to Cotto
  • Den’mohr Delve
  • Hallowed Mount Galca-Lemthas
  • Cottorinth Region
  • Seaport of Cotto
  • Cottorinth Mountain Pass
  • The Aucerian Highroad
  • Royal Capital Acendros
  • Aucerius Plains
  • Baldaar Citadel

Chapter 3: War-Torn Aster

  • Sparks of War
  • Nihlbeth
  • Nihlbeth Ancient Coil
  • Laeticia Story: Coup d’etat
  • Ray Story: Nihlbeth Sacred Grounds
  • A Princess Caught in an Insurrection
  • Laeticia Story: Infiltrating the Empire
  • Ray Story: To Complete the Fulga
  • Freeing Baldaar
  • Storming the Empire
  • Exploring the Vey’l Region

Chapter 4: The Scorpium

  • Laeticia Story: Hybrid Research Vessel Terranus
  • Ray Story: Hybrid Research Vessel Terranus

Star Ocean games have always been known for their massive lineup of party members and playable characters. If you are wondering who they have this time around, you can check out our article on How to Recruit Theo and J.J., List of All Side Quests, and How To Fast Travel.

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