Shiva Summon Guide in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

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Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 changes how the summons works in the game. Here is how to summon Shiva in the game.

Final Fantasy 16 takes the franchise to a new height and makes the game accessible to new players. In the past, it had either a turn-based combat system or a hybrid between turn-based and action combat. But this time around, Final Fantasy 16 only focuses on the character’s action combat.

As a direct result of the change in the combat system, the typical summons is not in the game anymore. Instead, they have been replaced with Eikons and Dominants. The Eikons are massively powerful beings with big setpieces around them, and usually end in an epic boss fight.

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How to Unlock Shiva in Final Fantasy 16

Shiva is the Eikon of Ice, and its dominant is Jill Warrick. You can unlock Shiva’s abilities by completing the main quest Through the Maelstrom. This is a main story quest. So you don’t have to worry about missing it. You can access Shiva’s ability tree right after this quest.

All Shiva Abilities in FF16

These are all the Shiva abilities you can unlock after getting her essence in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Diamond Dust – Summons a storm to freeze enemies in place. Then deals massive damage and knocks them back.
  • Rime – Summon a colossal ice crystal that traps enemies inside. It deals continuous damage to all enemies inside the crystal.
  • Ice Age – Unleash a river of icicles that greatly knocks back any enemies it strikes.
  • Mesmerize – Launch multiple shards of ice that, upon striking lighter enemies, draw them toward Clive.
  • Cold Snap – Slide across the ground in any direction. Attacking while sliding can temporarily freeze enemies.
credit: square enix

How to Use Shiva Abilities

Shiva’s abilities focus on crowd control and damaging enemies on the field. Her abilities can deal good damage, but they are at their most effective against a lighter group of enemies. Her abilities have the potential to be combined with other Eikon abilities like Titan’s. And the pulling closer ability also provides some good benefits to the players to potentially follow up with other Eikon abilities and deal massive damage to the target.

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