All Enemy Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

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Credit: Square Enix

Throughout your playthrough of Final Fantasy 16, you will face a lot of Eikons, which end in epic set-piece fights. Here is a list of all the enemy Eikons in the game.

Final Fantasy 16 is the newest game in the franchise, and it takes a different approach to combat compared to the other Final Fantasy games. This time around, you will be playing a single character, who goes by the name Clive Rosfield. Rather than having a whole team, the game focuses on this single character, and so the combat feels more like a character action game like Devil May Cry.

One of the newest addition to Final Fantasy 16 is the Eikons battle. In the previous games, players were able to summon different elemental monsters to aid them in the battle. But this time around, you will be able to control these monsters to fight enemy monsters in a giant Kaiju-like battle.

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Every Eikon in Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, you can face 10 different Eikons that show up at different points of the game. Each of the Eikon fights is different from the others, and they stand out for it. These battles are the most hyped part of Final Fantasy 16. That being said, here are all the Eikons you can face in the game.


Ifrit is the Eikon of Fire, and he shows up at the start of the game to set up the main story. Much about Iftrit is kept as a mystery which is later solved by the story of the game. You will eventually be able to gain the power of Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16.

All Enemy Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)
Credit: Square Enix


Phoenix is another Eikon of fire. Its host is Clive’s younger brother Joshua. You will start the game by being blessed by the Phoenix and having the ability to wield this Eikons power.

Credit: Square Enix


Garuda in Final Fantasy 16 is the Eikon of Wind. Hosted in Benedikta Harman, you will be going up against this Eikon quite early in the game. But after getting its power, you will unlock some good ability to juggle your enemies in the air with combos.

Credit: Square Enix


Ramuh is the Eikon of Thunder who can deal devastating electric damage to enemies. In the early game, you will meet its host/dominant, Cidolfus Telamon. But it will take a bit to gain its power finally.

Credit: Square Enix


Titan is the Eikon of Earth and has one of the most terrifying looks among the Eikons of the game. Titan looks more like an early God of War boss than a Final Fantasy one. Nonetheless, you will take him on a fight and eventually get his power for your own.

Credit: Square Enix


Bahamut is one Eikon that doesn’t have an element associated with it. It appears as a terrifying dragon who uses blue flame. The dominant for this Eikon is the Crown Prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, Dion Lesage. This is another Eikon that we will eventually get its power to use for our own.

Credit: Square Enix


Shiva is the Eikon of Ice in Final Fantasy 16. Its dominant is Clive’s childhood friend Jill Warrick. Even though she is introduced as an Eikon fairly early in the story, she is one of the late-game Eikon powers you will get to unlock.

Credit: Square Enix


The Final Eikon we can get the power of is Odin. He doesn’t have an element associated with him. In Final Fantasy 16, Odin is depicted as a dark-armored individual riding a dark horse. He looks very intimidating, fitting for the game’s final Eikon powerup.

Credit: Square Enix


Typhon is one of the Eikons that has a story significance, but we don’t get to engage with too much. Appearing as a torso, he challenges Clive to test him for what is to come. But that is where Typhon’s role end. We cannot get his power in Final Fantasy 16.

Credit: Square Enix

Titan Lost

It is another phase in the Titan Eikon fight. Appearing as a terrifying beast, Clive has to take it on a battle. Even though we get to use the ability of Titan, Titan Lost is not an ability in that kit. Thus it serves as another story Eikon boss in the game.

Credit: Square Enix

Each Eikon power has its own separate skill tree. You can also freely change between a few Eikon abilities in the middle of the battle. This adds a new layer to the game’s combat and opens more options as you progress through the story.

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