Shatterline R66.2 Patch Notes: New Map Added, Game Tasks Updated, Bug Fixes, & More

Frag Lab has released the R66.2 Patch Notes. Along with it, Shatterline made some changes with the original R66 Patch that was released just recently.

Shatterline is a new Free-to-Play FPS game currently in an early access state on Steam. The game currently has a roguelike Co-Op mode called Expedition and several traditional game modes such as TDM, Conquest, Plant-the-bomb, and Escort.

The R66.2 patch is just a revision of the original R66 patch. Most of the changes are bug fixes. However, Frag Lab has added a new map called Terminal. The map will be added to all PvP modes except for Escort.

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Shatterline R66.2 Full Patch Notes

The upcoming October 7 event was changed from Hardcore PTB to the new PvP map called Terminal. The maps will be added to all PvP modes except Escort. Game tasks were updated accordingly.

  • Fixed crash on the Megaheads event.
  • Fixed bug in Expedition when the Power Stones (aka Urchin) encounter could not be completed.
  • Fixed bug when the kill icon was shown when a team mate was revived.
  • Fixed bug when no face paint was shown on Orbit after player’s finishing any match.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition when the black screen appeared for dozens of seconds after the encounter completion cinematics.
  • Fixed bug when the game client was stuck at a post-match screen.
  • A link to the game FAQ page was added to the support ticket window.

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