Shatterline R66 Patch Notes: Balance Changes, Store and UI Update, Bug Fixes, & More

Frag Lab has released the R66 Patch Notes. Along with it, Shatterline got its first biggest update since its release.

Shatterline is a new Free-to-Play FPS game currently in an early access state on Steam. The game currently has a roguelike Co-Op mode called Expedition and several traditional game modes such as TDM, Conquest, Plant-the-bomb, and Escort.

Frag Lab is constantly updating the game with fixes and more content to keep its player base happy. The R66 Patch brought many changes to the game. They released some general fixes as well as some major bug fixes.

Apart from these, Shatterline is updating its store and including a Premium Founder’s Pack. Some weapons are also getting nerfed. The tasks also have been updated and made easier than before. Additionally, players can now report other players because of the new update. Overall, the update made the game more responsive.

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Shatterline R66 Full Patch Notes

GENERAL – Animation improvements for 

G5 Earl pistol and SAG-8 Reaper sniper rifle.

  • Lots of audio improvements.
  • Performance improvements.


  • A new Premium Founder’s Pack featuring:
  • Shellguard battle suit for all operatives.
  • Kite’s Avenger blindfold, Simulation interface, and Cyborg helmet.
  • Malva’s Extravagant eyeguard and Extravagant haircut.
  • Mongoose’s Sensei beard and Kevlar helmet.
  • Ram’s Shellguard visor and Skull helmet.
  • Brisa’s Indigenous haircut and Simulation interface.
  • Orbit’s Digital monocle, Half-Helmet, and Simulation interface.\
  • Pill’s Beanie hat and Robo-mask.
  • Strix’s Tacticool haircut and Stratospheric helmet.
  • Weapon skins: TAC Magma, Pacifier Semiconductor, Drachen Stone Cold, Earl Ember, and Impala Infernal.
  • Weapon trinkets: Сartridge, Magma ball, Gasoline canister, Stone cold, and Lantern.
  • Owners of the non-premium Founder’s Pack can buy a premium one with a discount (the discounted price is 3,500 coins, taking into account the initial founder’s pack price of 2,500).


Weapon tweaks

  • Shotguns
    • In a lot of feedback about shotguns, players were concerned that shotguns were useless at mid-range. We agree: no damage at all at mid-range was strange, so now shotguns do deal small damage at mid-range.
    • Side Note: Overall, the shotgun is the most controversial weapon for the community in any FPS game, Shatterline being no exception. Thus another major part of the feedback was about shotguns being overpowered. We did our best to find any corroboration to that in our data, but alas, we found no proof of that theory. In any case, we are closely monitoring the situation with shotguns and will react accordingly if we find any imbalance proof in our data, including the impact of today’s change in damage at mid-range.
  • Bolt-action sniper rifles
    • One shot kill to the head, neck, chest, shoulders, and upper arms.
    • No one shot kill to the belly, legs, and lower arms.
  • Zenith automatic rifle
    • reworked recoil pattern
    • stability was decreased by around 10%
    • precision damage was decreased for very long distances
    • decreased precision damage effective distance.
  • Cinetech M5 submachine gun
    • reworked recoil pattern
    • stability was decreased by around 10%.
  • Lupara Compatta pistol
    • decreased effective damage distance.
  • Drachen Racer submachine gun
    • now the buff applies only after a precision kill, not any kill as before.

Weapon Modifications

  • TAC Spiderweb shotgun legendary modification: has 6 shotshells in a clip now.
  • VX-7 Santa Muerte sniper rifle legendary modification: damage effect was decreased from +100% to +50% and duration was decreased to 5 sec.

Megaheads PvP Event

The minimum head size was decreased while the maximum head size was increased.

  • The head size doesn’t reset at respawn.
  • The head size is depicted on HUD.


  • New movable vehicles on the

Old Town PvP map

  • Malva won’t receive a score for self-healing anymore.
  • To prevent slide abuse, we added slide speed recovery time. During this time after the slide, you can still perform another one, but the starting speed will be much lower.
  • Credit session rewards were increased.
  • Ram’s ultimate cooldown was increased by a third.


New daily tasks for Conquest and Escort.

Task tweaks

  • The “Outnumbered” task became easier. Instead of 5 kills with a primary weapon and 5 kills with a sidearm without dying in PvP, you now need to perform 4 and 2 kills without dying in PvP respectively.
  • The “Stealth Mode” task condition was changed. Instead of killing an enemy with a precision shot while crouching in PvP, you now need to kill an enemy with a sidearm while crouching in PvP.


  • New encounter: Power Stones.
  • New perks
    • Empowered Primary (Greatly increases damage after two kills. Resets on reload.)
    • Empowered Sidearm (Greatly increases damage after a kill. Resets on reload)
    • Freezing Touch (Gives a chance to freeze an enemy upon hit).
    • Slide Bomber (Enemies explode when killed during or shortly after a slide).
    • The number of concurrent Strafer shields was reduced from 3 to 2.


  • The Operative Selection screen received a facelift and now looks in line with other menu screens.
  • The new color scheme for attachment descriptions: improved parameter descriptions are now colored green while worsened are colored red.
  • The improved parameter descriptions for epic weapon modifications are colored yellow while legendary modifications are in magenta.

Game tasks

  • Game tasks were moved to the Season tab.
  • The game taskbar is now featured on the session’s Play screen.
  • Improved session result screen (don’t forget you can skip some parts of it).
  • In the previous release there was a bug: all weapon modifications were shown in the Armory, not only those that were available for crafting this season. This was fixed: you will see only those modifications that are available in the crafting machine. If a weapon has no modifications in the crafting machine at the moment, the modification button will be disabled altogether.


  • Now you can create a support ticket without exiting the game. Just click on the Support button, fill in the details, and send it to our Support Team. Nice and easy.
  • We added an option to report other players for suspected cheating, exploit use, or offensive behavior. You can report a player both from the game session or from the game lobby.


  • Aim Assist strength was considerably reduced.


  • The game will ask your permission to collect telemetry data at the first launch of the updated game. Kindly consent since telemetry is essential for our development and balancing efforts.
  • Fixed EAC kick for Linux anti-cheat module.
  • Hundreds of bug fixes.

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