How to Increase FPS in Shatterline

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Shatterline

If you’re having a low FPS issue in Shatterland, don’t worry. This guide will tell you everything you can do to improve your FPS in Shatterline.

Shatterline is a new Free-to-Play FPS game currently in an early access state on Steam. The game currently has a roguelike Co-Op mode called Expedition and several traditional game modes such as TDM, Conquest, Plant-the-bomb, and Escort.

As mentioned earlier, the game is in an early access state. An independent developer called Frag Lab from Ukraine developed this game with an old Source engine. As the game is made with an old Source engine, the game has some issues with its port.

Also, many bugs and glitches are very apparent in Shatterline and are constantly being fixed with further updates. Nonetheless, Frag Lab is trying hard to make it a tough competitor to other known FPS titles.

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Increase FPS in Shatterline

Recently many players have complained about their FPS being low. However, the developer and community have shared a workaround that you use to increase your FPS.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to increasing your FPS in Shatterline:

1. Press Window+R and paste the line below %LOCALAPPDATA%\Shatterline\2961AB5C4C274EAB9B13CCC6A9306D6A\

Shatterline FPS Boost Guide
Credit: Frag Lab

2. A new window will pop up. Find the “game_settings_local_publisher.savedata” and open and edit with notepad

Shatterline FPS Boost Guide
Credit: Frag Lab

3. Copy this setting to the file (keep a backup file before using these settings)

“settings”: {
“anti_aliasing”: “0”,
“audio_master_volume”: “11”,
“bloom”: “0”,
“brigtness”: “1”,
“display_mode”: “0”,
“flares”: “0”,
“frame_limit”: “200”,
“full_screen”: “1”,
“full_screen_windowed”: “0”,
“gamma”: “1”,
“graphics_preset”: “1”,
“object_quality”: “1”,
“particles_quality”: “1”,
“quality_spec”: “1”,
“resolution_height”: “720”,
“resolution_width”: “1280”,
“screen_space_reflection”: “0”,
“shading_quality”: “1”,
“sharpening”: “0”,
“special_effects_quality”: “5”,
“startup_videos_show_cinematic”: “0”,
“texture_quality”: “1”,
“vsync”: “0”,
“water_quality”: “1”
“actions”: []

Note: you can change settings based on your own preference

4. If you are done configuring. Press File then save

Shatterline FPS Boost Guide
Credit: Frag Lab

5. While in the game, open your taskbar > click on the game.exe > set the priority to high

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There you go! If you follow these steps, you should get a boost in FPS in Shatterline. Some settings will not benefit you significantly, so you can exclude those. In any case, play with the settings and see what you like.

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