Sentinel of Light, League of Legends Upcoming New Champion: Role, Release Date, Leaks, and More

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Image: Riot Games

Sentinel of Light is officially going to be League of Legends’ upcoming 156th champion.

Riot Games has been releasing five new champions each year so that all the players from every role can play something new. In 2021, Riot has already released one of the most anticipated champions, Viego, the Ruined King, and Gwen who is closely related to Viego’s wife Isolde. Moreover, Riot also mentioned that there will more champions based on Viego’s lore in 2021 as well.

Now with Gwen’s release, and based on Riot’s previous announcement, the Yordle champion was scheduled to come out next. However, the League of Legends’ April 2021 Champion Roadmap was leaked on the Chinese League website. And according to that, Sentinel of Light is officially the upcoming 156th champion.

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Possible Name

Riot is yet to make an official announcement on the name. However, based on lore, the only member of the Sentinels of Light who is alive apart from Lucian and Senna is Daowan. Therefore, there’s a chance that the upcoming champion’s name might be Daowan.

There’s a new leak that strongly suggests that Akshan, the Lost Sentinel is the upcoming Sentinel of Light champion.

Teaser Images

In that leaked roadmap, Riot shared two images to tease the upcoming Sentinel of Light champion.

A grapple:

Village covered in Black Mist:

Sentinel of Light’s Role

Riot Games has confirmed that the Sentinel of Light, the charming new champion is going to be a Mid Lane champion in League of Legends.

Possible Kit and Abilities

The Sentinel of Light champion is going to be a non-traditional mid-lane marksman similar to Lucian and Corki.

But regarding that Riot said that “Lucian, Corki, and Tristana show up in mid too, but they don’t feel like a champion specifically designed for this role.”

“They lack of some common identities of midlane champion, like roaming or solo lane focused kit,” Riot Games added. “We think midlane maskman is a unique role in our champion lineup, and it can attract some players who enjoy midlane assassins or fighters.”

Previously, Riot also cleared out that “The Sentinel is not the bot lane ADC.” Meaning Riot might balance the champion to only work in the mid lane. And this champion is specifically designed for Mid role in a way the others aren’t.

Based on the teaser image it’s pretty much confirmed that the mid-lane marksman will have some sorts of grapple/hook ability.

Release Date

Even though no specific date is mentioned yet, the Sentinel of Light champion is going to release this Summer. And we can expect to see the next champion in the Summoner’s Rift by July 2021.

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