League of Legends 2021 Yordle Champion: Role, Release Date, Leaks, and More

League of Legends’ upcoming Yordle champion is coming out later this year, and here’s everything we know so far.

Riot Games has already released one of the most important champions of the League of Legends universe Viego, the Ruined King. And confirmed that there will be a lot of content and champions based on Viego’s lore in 2021.

In the meantime, Riot Games has also released Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress who is related to Viego. And based on Riot’s previous announcement, the Gloomy Yordle champion was supposed to come out next who is also related to Viego’s lore.

However, the League of Legends’ April 2021 Champion Roadmap was leaked on the Chinese League website. According to the leak, Riot has confirmed to delay the Yordle champion’s release. Now, the “Sentinel of Light” champion will be League of Legends’ 156th champion and the Yordle will come out after.

“Last time we said the new midlane mage will be released before the maskman,” Riot Games said. “But we decided this bad temper Yordle needs more development time, because we need to use some new technology to make her power sources more believable.”

Possible Name

Riot is yet to make any official announcement regarding the Yordle champion’s name. However, a lot of players are speculating that her name might be Norra.

Teaser Image

In the roadmap, Riot has shared a new image to tease the upcoming Yordle Champion in League of Legends.

2021 Yordle Champion
Image: Riot Games

Yordle Champion’s Role

Riot has confirmed that the 2021 Yordle is going to be a traditional Mid lane mage champion in League of Legends.

Possible kit, abilities, and other details

Previously, Riot said the Yordle champion is going to be a Gloomy Artillery Mage who “prefer if we didn’t bother her at all.” However, in the new roadmap, Riot Games confirmed that Yordle Mage has been shifted to Traditional Mage instead of Artillery. 

“She still is grumpy about those champions bouncing around her, this never changes,” Riot said. “This is enough to make her teach a lesson to those champions who run around like a stupid fly.”

Even though her kit has changed and she is delayed, Riot ensured that she will still be an important role of Viego’s story.

“After a few months of Runeterra being covered under the shadow, wait till she wakes up and see how she cleans up those messy colors of summoner’s rift,” Riot added.

The Yordle is a gloomy mage from Bandle City who is being designed by Riot Lutzburg.

“She’s really fun, haha. And probably not what people are expecting. But don’t get excited yet! Temper expectations, nothing’s set in stone, etc. etc,” Riot Lutzburg’s take on the Yordle champion.

There’s not much information on her abilities but based on rumors she might have an anti dash similar to Poppy.

Release Date

Riot is yet to announce the release date but we can expect to see the Yordle champion in the Summoner’s Rift in late 2021. And based on the previous year’s champions release order, we can assume that she might be released in September 2021.

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