Riot Explains Why There Is AFK Detection System In LoL Practice Mode

The AFK Detection System hiccups continue as Riot explains why it is active in Practice Mode.

Riot is getting a lot of flak for issues in League of Legends. Many of them have been popping up recently after Patch 12.22. The patch was one of the first patches of Preseason 2023, as Riot introduced new items and such to the game. All the updates have been to make systematic changes to the jungle, ping system, getting gold from ward tracking, etc.

These updates also introduced new behavioral systems and updated them in the process. A lot of those systems are having problems right now. The Chat Restriction Punishments and AFK Detection System have gained quite a notoriety. There was also a bug that turned Neeko into a tower.

Riot is currently in a frenzy to head to social media and try to address all of the rumors. They have already reverted punishments by the chat system and clarified the AFK Detection System.

The AFK Detection System has impacted every game mode, including the Practice tool to try things out. This raised the eyebrows of some players as it seemed like a strange system to be applied in the Practice tool. Hence, Riot Auberaun has come out to clarify why this is the case. Here is what we know about it.

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Riot Addresses AFK Detection System Applied in LoL Practice Mode

So in light of the issue drawn to attention by the players, Riot Auberaun went on Reddit to address why the AFK Detection System is in the Practice Tool. Based on his comment, this is to stop players from AFKing in the game mode.

All game modes in League of Legends, whether it be Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, Custom Games, or even practice tool games, are hosted on the servers operated by Riot. Having players AFK in the practice tool is hogging resources that could be used in a live game for others. So, in essence, it’s a cost-related move that does not impact most of the player base, as staying AFK in the practice tool is not really what you are getting in there for.

If the argument was to check on items, there is another way to check that in the client before you load up any game. So, there is no need to be AFK in League of Legends practice tool games. Hence, Riot is using the AFK system to save some costs and server space and put it to better use.

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