Riot dev responds to the underwhelming VALORANT patch 2.11

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games released their performance-focused patch 2.11 only to receive a lot of underwhelming reviews from the VALORANT community.

Prior to Patch 2.11, Riot skipped the VALORANT patch 2.10 in order to do some surface-level FPS optimization. Usually, Riot brings massive changes if they postpone a patch by a week. Instead of a firecracker, players received more of a stopgap patch in 2.11.

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Consequently, some VALORANT players showcased their dissatisfaction with the absence of major changes in the recent patch. In response, one of the devs at Riot Games assured players that this was intentional since they have big plans ahead for the upcoming Episode 3.

Episode 3 will bring massive changes

Riot intends to introduce all of their major meta shifting updates starting with the new Episode to keep it coherent. The dev also stated, “It’s been tough for us to make big changes balance-wise with Master’s going on until recently. The next two patches will be quite significant, though!

Riot on Episode 3
Image via r/valorant

In short, the upcoming Episode 3 changes are so massive that releasing them in two halves would only unnecessarily complicate matters. So, to avoid any confusion, Riot decided it was just better to release all the major changes at once in a large chunk as these changes are all related to each other.

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We already received some hints regarding the upcoming changes that are supposed to arrive alongside Episode 3, thanks to some reliable data miners. Massive price drop of weapons is one of them. All the changes will be announced soon by Riot in an official stream.

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