Riot to skip VALORANT patch 2.10 to improve the game engine

Riot Games will skip VALORANT patch 2.10 to work on the game engine and improve the overall system.

Instead of their usual schedule of releasing a patch every week, it seems like Riot will be taking a short break to improve and update the game engine. The next patch will be 2.11 and it will go live on June 8th.

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Riot has postponed patches in the past by a week so this isn’t something totally new, but to delay a patch to work solely on the game engine is definitely interesting, to say the least.

This means there will be no major update to the game till VALORANT’s first LAN tournament takes place in REYKJAVIK on May 24th-30th. Masters Reykjavík is the second major event of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour.

Patch 2.11 Release Date:

Riot Games hasn’t made any further comment regarding exactly what they are doing to improve the game’s engine, as of writing. Rumors suggest it might just be a slight optimization being done in the backend.

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We’ll figure this one out on June 8th. Until then there will be no major meta shifting update to the game, confirmed by Riot Games.

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