Riot Confirms Syndra Mini-Rework for League of Legends 2022

Syndra is confirmed to receive a mid-scope update very soon.

League of Legends, a game released in 2009, is more than ten years old. The game has more than 160 champions on its roster, some of which were released long ago. The older champions released in the game’s early days reflect their age and require some updates. Based on their current state, some champions need full visual gameplay updates, whereas others require small gameplay updates.

This year, however, Riot has been focusing mainly on these small gameplay updates AKA mini-reworks.

A mini-rework or a mid-scope is what Riot calls taking old champions and revitalizing their kits, making them more fun to play and viable for solo-queue. There has been a good amount of mini-reworks this year. The AhriTaliyah, and Sivir are the highlights of this year’s many reworks.

After the massive success of these reworks, they plan to rework even more champions. In a recently posted video on their League of Legends youtube channel, Riot Games announced they would visit Syndra and Neeko. Riot said they want to “freshen up the champions that aren’t living up to the expectations of the players who love them.”

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Syndra’s Mini-Rework in League of Legends

Syndra, released in 2012, is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. She had a healthy normal-play presence and pro-play presence for many years. But currently, her play rate and win rate have dropped significantly. Riot believes Syndra’s kit is not on par with the current mid-lane champions, so they wish to rework Syndra.

Rioter, TheTruexy, in a tweet, stated he would be in charge of the rework. Fans hope her current issues will be fixed with the mini-rework and are very excited about it.

Possible Release Date of Syndra Rework

The release date for the rework has not been revealed, but they confirmed that it would be later this year. However, we believe that it will be after the Worlds patch. So we might have to wait a few months.

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