Riot Delays Ivern Mini-Rework After Backlash

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot has delayed their Ivern Mini-Rework stance after there was backlash about the changes coming.

League of Legends has seen its fair share of changes, whether or not they were good or bad. Many were well-received, while others had questions and reservations about the changes.

Changes that were well received and popular were the Aurelion Sol, Neeko, etc, changes, while the Azir mini-rework and some others were not taken well by the community. Although, Riot needs to be credited for making more better changes on champions this season thus far.

Something that has irked many is the changes in Patch 13.10, which is too massive of an overhaul to do mid-season. Riot needs to work on this so that the whole player base does not get thrown into chaos. Time will tell if it pans out in the long term.

With the Patch 13.10 changes, an Ivern rework was also announced for Patch 13.11. However, players have not responded well to it as it didn’t address many of the issues Ivern has as a champion. Since that happened, Riot has changed its stance and is now going to do a deeper dive into Ivern. Let’s talk about why that happened, what Riot is going to do now, and the aftermath.

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The Backlash to the Planned Update

It seems that the general sentiment of the planned update for Ivern was that it is simply not enough. Players seemed to think that it did not go far enough. It was mostly stat changes, and his Passive was being gutted, considering Patch 13.11 will be introducing Buff Sharing permanently regardless of whether an Ivern is in-game.

This made current Ivern relatively weaker, regardless of the stats and small mechanics changes. So, players aired their grievances on the matter, and Riot has listened since they already walked back on pushing the midscope.

Riot Walking Back On Ivern Mini-Rework Somewhat

Riot’s response to the players is very positive. This is one of those moments in recent history when Riot has actually listened to the players and decided to go back to the drawing board. Here is what Riot said on Twitter.

It’s a fairly long thread, so definitely read through it for a better understanding. Do not fear, as we will summarize Riot’s response on the matter.

According to Riot, player feedback made them change their mind about the Ivern rework. They will still push the Buff Sharing in Patch 13.11, most likely, and will compensate Ivern since he is losing the unique mechanic. Some buffs and QoL changes will come for Ivern in Patch 13.11 instead of the mini-rework.

Also, Riot mentioned that there would be some changes coming for Ivern on PBE next week. However, these updates are subject to change, as all things in PBE are. Riot aims to satisfy the players, but they did not mention when the Ivern mini-rework will come now. Even though they did not directly say it, a rework will come for Ivern, but it will be later in the future.

Player Reception of Riot’s Decision

It seems there is a bit of a backlash to Riot’s decision on Reddit. It is not a strong backlash compared to the previous one, but it could still be relevant. However, the general perception is good as the players are pleased that Riot listened to them.

Delaying the midscope and just giving buffs to compensate for the loss of a unique mechanic is a nice approach. At the end of the day, if Riot can return to the drawing board and get a proper Ivern Mini-Rework out, we should all be happy about it.

We should know in the coming weeks what comes in for Ivern buffs. For now, this is a joyous moment for players as Riot is holding up their end of the bargain of listening to them.

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