Riot Announces New Shadow Isles and Shurima Cards For the Domination Expansion

Riot Games reveals some upcoming cards coming to Legends of Runeterra in the upcoming Domination Expansion.

The Awakening expansion, released in August, was a huge success. The expansion included new champions such as Kayn, Jax, Master Yi, Ornn, and the first-ever LoR exclusive champion, Norra. It was also released alongside a new event, Corrupted 2022. This event came with the Corrupted skin set. This skin set was one of the best ones released in Legends of Runeterra.

As the next expansion, Domination is on the horizon. Riot has revealed in the roadmap post that they will add three new champions in this expansion.

Two of the new champions are Varus and Seraphine. The last champion will most likely be Vayne, according to leaks.

They recently unveiled that they would add new cards for several regions for the upcoming Domination expansion. In addition, they have revealed all the upcoming Shurima and Shadow Isles cards coming in the next expansion.

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All New Cards in Domination Expansion

There are a total of 5 Shurima cards and 3 Shadow Isles cards.

Shurima Cards

Domination Shurima
Image Credits: Riot Games
  • Camouflaged Horror:
    • Camouflaged Horror is a Unit card that costs 7 mana. The stats of this unit is 5|3. It also has a Fearsome keyword. It also comes with a skill card, Feed the Void.
  • Feed The Void:
    • Feed The Void is a skill card for Camouflaged Horror. If the skill card is played, Camouflaged Horror strikes an enemy.
  • Curse Of The Tomb:
    • Curse Of The Tomb is a 2-cost Burst spell card. Casting the spell to a unit will give them Obliterate keyword. If the card gets destroyed, it’s completely removed from the match.
  • The Alter Of Blood:
    • Alter of Blood is a Landmark card. After playing this Landmark card, once the player slays a unit, reduce the cost of the next Darkin you play by 1.
  • Swinging Glaive:
    • Swinging Glaive is a 3-cost equipment card. It grants a user +2|+1 with a Strike ability. Once striking an enemy unit, create a Lucky Find in hand.

Shadow Isles

Domination Shadow Isles
Image Credits: Riot Games
  • Wraith Of Echoes:
    • Wraith of Echoes is a unit that costs 6 mana. Its stats is 2|5. Even though it doesn’t come with a keyword, it does have a Round End ability. For each allied unit that died this round, all of the copies of the card will gain a +1|+1.
  • Opulent Foyer:
    • Opulent Foyer is a landmark card, costing 3 mana. After playing Opulent Foyer, a Ghostly Band is summoned to the board each time the player gains an attack token.
  • Moonlit Glenkeeper:
    • Moonlit Glenkeeper is a 3-cost unit with the Fearsome keyword. If the player summons an Ephemeral ally, that ally will gain +1|0. During Nightfall, summon a Sapling.

Release Date

All the new Shuriman and Shadow Isles cards will be released alongside the Domination Expansion, scheduled to release on October 12.

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