Legends of Runeterra’s New Champion Seraphine: Card Art, Stats, and Release Date

Riot has unveiled one of the new champions that are coming out in the new Domination expansion, Seraphine.

The Awakening expansion came out in August and was a huge success. The expansion included new champions such as Kayn, Jax, Master Yi, Ornn, and the first-ever LoR exclusive champion, Norra. It was also released alongside a new event, Corrupted 2022. This event came with the Corrupted Targon skin set. This skin set was one of the best ones released in Legends of Runeterra.

As the next expansion, Domination is on the horizon. Riot has revealed in the roadmap post that they will add three new champions in this expansion.

Riot has revealed 2 of the new champions coming in the Domination expansion. The first one is the Darkin, Varus. The other champion that Riot announced recently was Seraphine.

Seraphine will release with her new champion spell, High Note, alongside her new equipment, Inspired Plan.

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LoR Seraphine

Seraphine is a 2 cost champion, hailing from Piltover and Zaun. When Seraphine is summoned, she will create a random 2-cost spell in hand. To level up Seraphine, the player must cast 6 or more spells in the match. After leveling up, Seraphine will gain a new ability. Her level 2 ability is that if the player casts a 2-cost spell or less, she copies that spell and hits the same target as the original. 

Gameplay Trailer

Seraphine’s Stats

Domination Seraphine
Image Credits: Riot Games

Level one

  • Mana: 2
  • Stats: 1|4
  • Ability: When Seraphine is summoned, create a random 2-cost spell in hand.
  • Level-up condition: You’ve played 6+ new spells this game.

Level two

  • Mana: 2
  • Stats: 2|5
  • Ability: When Seraphine is summoned, create a random 2-cost spell in hand. When you play a spell that costs 2 or less, copy it with the same targets.

Champion Spell

Domination Seraphine Spells
Image Credits: Riot Games

High Note

High Note is a Fast spell that costs 2 mana.

If the player casts this spell, deal 2 to a unit. If the player has already played 6+ spells in the match, then deal 1 to a different target.

Card Art

Level one

Seraphine Level 1
Image Credits: Riot Games

Level two

Seraphine level 2
Image Credits: Riot Games


Seraphine Domination Equipment
Image Credits: Riot Games

Inspired Plans

Seraphine will release alongside new equipment, Inspired Plans. It will cost 2 mana and will grant the allied unit +1|+1. Moreover, it will create a 2-cost spell in hand and give it the Fleeting keyword.

Release Date

Seraphine will release alongside the Domination expansion, which is scheduled to release on October 12.

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