Revenant was nerfed in the most unexpected of ways before release

Revenant was nerfed in an odd way

Apex Legend’s new season 4 assimilation came out with Revenant as the new Legend to join the Roster. As it turns out devs nerfed him in interesting ways before release.

Revenant has already launched with low profile nerf. Which means that Legends with low hitpoint like Wraith, Lifeline will get 5% more damage from weapons. This is done to balance out characters with low profile as they are really difficult to hit.

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Revenant's Crouch Walk
Revenant’s Crouch Walk

Reddit user Giraffe6000 suggested that Respawn should make Revenant crawl when he crouch walks, it would fit with his creepy vibe and he already has his hand on the ground when crouched standing still.

In the reply, devs had this to say.

We actually did, for a long time during development! The problem was that he was too hard to shoot while in that pose, vs a standard crouch. It was very creepy tho, maybe we can show some footage some day

Respawn Game Designer

Respawn not only nerfed him with a low profile but also removed that crawl mode. Devs made a lot of effort in making Revenant balance with all the other Legends. So much so it came to a point where many pros think that Revenant is a bit underwhelming as a result.

Even after player complaints about Revenant being a tad bit underpowered in some gameplay scenarios. This evil robot still brought some welcome diversity to the gameplay.

Revenant still is a breath of fresh air in the competitive arena. It has opened up so many new gameplay opportunities. Respawn has already assured gamers there are still a lot of changes to come in the current season of Apex.

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