Apex S4 Legend Revenant is a bit underwhelming, rest of the changes are great

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Revenant buffed

Apex Legends just launched their new season 4 assimilation with a bang. All the changes are really welcome improvements from Respawn except Revenant.

With all the hype that was building up before Revenant launched, did Revenant really lived up to the hype? Well, it’s complicated. Revenant did bring with him some new mechanics into the game. It will definitely change the competitive meta that is persistent right now.

Revenants Arsenal

Revenant passive allows him to climb higher and crouch walk faster than other Legends in the game. This is a bit underwhelming as in a world where Pathfinder exists Revenant mobility doesn’t mean much in the broader sense of things.

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The fact that Revenant can’t climb all the way to the top won’t give him any big advantages since PAthfinder can close a huge distance both vertically and horizontally in a few seconds.

On the other hand, his tactical “Silence” is great. It can be used to silence enemy Legends for some time. In that time those Legends will not be able to use their abilities. This ability is what made the biggest change in the meta. Silence is a great new addition to the game.

Now the ultimate “Death Totem” is a mixed bag as it allows you death protection for you and your teammates for a certain period of time and range. In that time once you are killed you will respawn back into your totem with almost next to zero health.

This ability has created so many new gameplay opportunities. But there is a big downfall to his ultimate cause as you return to your totem you will have so little hitpoint a patiently waiting Caustic will get the best of you.

When it comes to the pro community the new Legend is a mixed bag as always but more are on the side of Revenant being a bit underwhelming than on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Legend Balancing in Season 4

The community rather ask for nerfs rather than buffs. Usually, Respawn does an outstanding job of changing the weapons meta and keeping things fresh. But their Legends balance is still awful. Ther are still only a handful of Legends that are still at the top of people lists.

Veen though Bloodhound got some buffs in the new season, the competitive meta is still pretty stagnated. Revenant might change to force some new approaches but most pro teams might just go with the safe pick they already know.

Legends like a Mirage still need more buffs to be viable for competitive play. Respawn needs to up their game in Legends balancing like they do with other sectors of this Battle Royale.

Respawn has acknowledged there will be more changes coming throughout the season. So, that is one more thing to look forward to seeing how they make new changes to the Legends.


The sentinel is a great new addition to the game. It opened up new gameplay opportunities as well. This bolt action rifle sounds punchy as hell and has a unique alternative firing mode. The other mode used shield batteries to charge up for more damage.

This new firing mode has visible trail alerting other Legends of the incoming damage. Respawn just added another new viable sniper in the game. The new sniper ammo type is also a great addition as it will make Legends think before they spam with sniper weapons.

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Devotion is Legendary Now!!

This makes a lot of sense as Respawn mentioned a fully equipped Devotion is more effective than L-star. So, L-Star is a common weapon that can be found throughout the map.

R99 and Wingman got another set of nerfs but they are still viable in every step of the game. These two aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Prowler got some new buffs, leading to many pros claiming it to be a new addition to the meta. G7 got a weird set of nerfs to the single fire and buffs with the decreased time between shots while on Doubletap.

Simple Quality of Life Improvements

There is a more clear indication if somebody is reviving with a gold backpack. This has made some welcomed improvement when it comes to pushing unknowingly to your certain demise.

In the skin section, you can select your favorite skins for a random rotation. This is a good new addition that the community has been asking for some time.

Map Changes

As planet harvester landed into the map splitting the capital city into two zones. This has created new loot drops as well as rotations. Respawn made the map changes keeping the third party in mind.

What is Apex Legends without some sweet touch of endless third partying? Even with the devs best intentions, third partying isn’t going away from Apex Legends any time soon. The new planet harvester has encouraged some new floating flanks. Yes, that is a new thing as you can float in this new lava area taking some damage as well.

Overall Respawn has made some great new addition keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. Even though Revenant turned out to be a tad bit underwhelming devs will definitely do a fine job as they have been doing since launch.

Thank You Respawn.

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