Revenant’s tragic backstory became apparent in Apex Legends Season 4 trailer

Revenant's backstory revealed

Apex Legends finally revealed the new Legend in the upcoming season. And surprise it isn’t the recently deceased Forge. The mysterious figure turns out to be Revenant and his backstory confirms his ties with Hammond Robotics.

Revenant reveal trailer

The trailer showed off the Revenant backstory as a bounty hunter in pursuit of Top Hammond Robotics official. In the trailer, Revenant seems to be hunting down Hammond Robotics employees with a vengeance.

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Respawn showed off some of the abilities of Revenant as if it wasn’t leaked by data miners ages ago. He seems to have some kind of Shadow mode where he can go on a rampage. His hands seem to be converted into a lethal melee weapon.

Hammond Robotics made Revenant!

The surprise came at the end of the trailer as Revenant looked at the mirror and it turns out he has no idea of his present self. And there is a logo of Hammond Robotics in his hand suggesting the company has something to do with his body being exoskeleton.

Fan Theory Confirmed

The logo confirms fan theory that the Revenants body is definitely made by Hammond Robotics. Maybe they had something to do with how he lost his original body. As a result, he is hunting down Hammond Robotics officials.

The trailer also focused on Hammond Robotics’ top officials’ daughter as she held her deceased father into her laps. Maybe Respawn has foreshadowed a new Legend or an upcoming event. The details about the new season’s battle pass are still not available. But this trailer hyped up season 4 even more.

Fans can’t wait to play this evil-looking Legend in the upcoming season of Apex Legends in February the 4th. Everyone is looking forward to the new battle pass trailer that should drop very soon.

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