Rammus, Hecarim, Illaoi, Malphite, and Ziggs are getting buffs in patch 11.12

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot to buff Rammus, Hecarim, Illaoi, Malphite, and Ziggs in League of Legends patch 11.12.

League of Legends’ Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed patch 11.12. And it seems, two jungle champions Rammus and Hecarim are getting buffs along with two top lane champions Illaoi & Malphite, and mid lane champion Ziggs.

Rammus recently received a mini-rework where he now has a new ultimate and a new R-Q combo. Even though he had a 16% ban rate in his rework release patch, he only had a 48% win rate. Currently, his ban rate has come to a normal stage but his win rate has remained around the same. Therefore, to make everyone’s favorite Armordillo a little bit more relevant in the soloq Riot is buffing Rammus in patch 11.12.

Hecarim on the other hand has a completely different story. He along with Udyr were terrorizing the jungle meta since the start of the new season. Riot however did give Hecarim a harsh punishment over time. He received three nerfs in season 11 including patch 11.9 where Riot gutted most of his kit. Just after patch 11.9, his win rate dropped significantly. Even with the recent buff in patch 11.11, he still has a 45.42% win rate in the current patch. As a result, Riot is buffing him once again in the upcoming patch 11.12.

Riot is heavily focusing on the Top lane meta in patch 11.12. While four of the best top lane champions are getting nerfs, Illaoi and Malphite are seeing buffs in the upcoming patch. Both Illaoi and Malphite have similar win rates and these buffs could definitely help them to survive in the current meta.

Ziggs is the only mid lane champion to receive buffs in patch 11.12. He currently has one of the lowest pick rates in League of Legends where he only has a 0.9% pick rate and a 48.67% win rate. Moreover, this will also be his first proper buff in season 11 despite performing so poorly.

Rammus Buff Patch 11.12

  • W:
    • Bonus armor: 30 >>> 40
  • R:
    • Cooldown: 130-90 >>> 110-80

Hecarim Buff Patch 11.12

  • Base stats:
    • Armor: 32 >>> 35
  • Q:
    • bAD ratio: 75 >>> 85%

Illaoi Buff Patch 11.12

  • Base stats:
    • Mana per level: 40 >>> 50

Malphite Buff Patch 11.12

  • W:
    • On hit damage: 10-50 (+10% armor) >>> 15-55 (+15% armor)

Ziggs Buff Patch 11.12

  • Q:
    • Damage: 85-265 >>> 85-285
  • R:
    • Medium/long range missile speed: 1550 >>> 2250

Jarvan Buff Patch 11.12

  • W:
    • Cooldown: 12 >>> 9s

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
Ali Ahmed Akib is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-chief of GameRiv. Akib grew up playing MOBA titles, especially League of Legends and is currently managing the editorial team of GameRiv.