Riot to nerf Wukong, Nasus, Gnar, and Renekton in patch 11.12

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image: Riot Games

Some of the most popular Top lane champions Wukong, Nasus, Gnar, and Renekton are getting nerfs in League of Legends patch 11.12.

Top lane is currently the most diverse role with a wide variety of champ pools. The bruiser champions are dominating the lane but tanks are also doing somewhat great in the current meta. League of Legends’ Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed patch 11.12. And it seems, bruiser champions are getting heavily targeted by Riot Games in the upcoming patch.

Wukong is currently the most popular Top lane champion in League of Legends. Even though he didn’t receive any kind of balance changes in season 11, Wukong has an astonishing 53.14% win rate in patch 11.11 while having a 7.4% pick rate and 5.6% ban rate. Divine Sunderer build with Black Cleaver is actually making him one of the strongest champions at this moment. Therefore he is a perfect candidate for the nerf list.

Nasus on the other hand is also having a great time in the soloq. Currently, he has a massive 51.74% win rate in Plat+ Elo while having a 4.2% pick rate.

Both Gnar and Renekton might not have a good win rate as Wukong and Nasus in the soloq but they are a lot popular in the pro games. And after their dominant run in the MSI 2021, it was pretty much decided that they will get nerfed ahead of the new splits.

Even though four of the best top lane champions: Wukong, Nasus, Gnar, and Renekton are getting nerfed, a lot of players are upset that Lee Sin has managed to escape from the patch 11.12 nerf list.

And lastly, according to Riot Scruffy both Udyr and Talon are also getting nerfs in LoL patch 11.12 as well.

Wukong Nerf Patch 11.12

  • Base stats:
    • AD per level: 4 >>> 3.5
  • Q:
    • Bonus AD ratio: 50 >>> 45%

Nasus Nerf Patch 11.12

  • Passive:
    • Lifesteal: 12-24 >>> 10-22%

Gnar Nerf Patch 11.12

  • Base stats:
    • AD: 59 >>> 57

Renekton Nerf Patch 11.12

  • Q:
    • Heal per unit hit (non-champion): 3-7 + 4% bAD (9-21 + 12% bAD empowered) >>> 2-6 + 3% bAD (6-18 +9% bAD empowered)

Talon Nerf Patch 11.12

  • W:
    • Initial damage: 45-105 (+55% bAD) >>> 40-80 (+40% bonus AD)
    • Return damage: 45-145 (+70% bonus AD) >>> 50-170 (+80 bAD)

Udyr Nerf Patch 11.12

  • R:
    • Cone damage: 60-310 (+70% AP) >>> 50-275 (+80% AP)

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