Payday 3: How to Complete Touch the Sky Heist in Stealth Mode – Overkill Difficulty

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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The Touch the Sky heist in Payday 3 can be completed in stealth mode. Here’s a complete guide on how to do it in Overkill Difficulty.

Payday 3 is the newest entrant to the heist experience developed by Starbreeze Studios and Overkill Software. Payday delivers a compact heisting experience, with players assembling their own squad and moving in on locations

Payday 3 has players commit a heist at a penthouse owned by Mason Laurnet (ex-PMC) and get a hand on his digital encryption key. While most players might like going in guns blazing, the best option to complete this heist is in stealth mode, even in the hardest Overkill difficulty. Here’s a complete guide on how to get in and out silently in Touch the Sky in Overkill difficulty.

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Touch the Sky Stealth Guide: Overkill Difficulty

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to complete Touch the Sky Heist in Stealth Mode in Overkill difficulty in the easiest way:

  • Head through the Vent
    • When you enter the penthouse, instead of approaching the guard at the main door, turn left and head upstairs. Once upstairs, you’ll see a vent entrance. Enter the vent by putting on your mask.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Find the Master Bedroom
    • Instead of going straight through the Vent, go right into the lower vents. It will lead you outside Mason Laurent’s office. Now find the Master Bedroom, avoid the security cameras, and hack the keypad on the Bedroom’s door. Connect to the building’s WiFi to unlock the door. To connect to the WiFi, stand on the marked spots, and in turn, take the patrolling guards out, which will make movement easier.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Hack the Head Guard’s Phone
    • Hack the Head Guard’s phone by standing behind him. He usually patrols the Upper and Lower floors and is always in movement. Our recommendation is to take him out silently and hide his body to make the hacking easier.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Steal the Red Keycard
    • From the QR code obtained from the Head Guard’s phone, access the file room. Search the documents, and you will find a red keycard hidden inside one of the file drawers.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Gain Access to Mason Laurent’s Office
    • Now access the Master Bedroom and search for the Switch on one of the bookshelf. Once revealed, interact with the bookshelf to unlock the office. Now, take the Red Key card and enter Mason Laurent’s office.
  • Reveal the Panic Room
    • Activate the Panic Room switch in Mason Laurent’s office, and a door will be revealed which will lead you to the Panic Room.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Spike Mason’s Drink
    • Steal Poison from one of the cupboards in the bathroom. Now wait for a server to take the expensive drink to Mason and spike it with the poison.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Kidnap Mason to Open the Panic Room Door
    • As soon as Mason feels sick, he’ll head to the bathroom. Kidnap Mason and take him to the Panic Room door, force his head to scan the door, and the door will finally open.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Enter the Panic Room
    • Enter the Panic Room and steal all the loot inside. Then check the whiteboard, which will have all the updated codes. Write down the codes, and head to the Vault.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Access the Vault
    • Check the Vault keypad, and enter the updated code by checking the fingerprints. Only enter the code that matches the fingerprint. Steal the loot inside the Vault, then crack the Safe. Steal the SSD from the Vault.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Take the SSD to Mason Laurent’s Office
    • Take the stolen SSD to Mason Laurent’s office and plug it into the computer to decrypt it. In the window of decryption, transport all the loot bags to the drop point.
Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Overkill
  • Escape with the SSD
    • As soon as the decryption is done, take the SSD and any additional loot you find escape to the designated point to extract with the main objective.

Following these steps and making no noise, you can complete Touch the Sky in full stealth mode in Overkill difficulty.

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