Payday 3: How to Complete Gold & Sharke in Stealth Mode – Overkill Difficulty

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Here is a full guide to completing Payday 3’s Gold and Sharke mission in stealth mode.

The popular FPS shooter heist simulator, Payday, is back with its third entry in the series. Developer Starbreeze Studios has announced Payday 3 to be available on September 21, 2023, on both PC and Console.

Like the previous installments in the series, Payday 3 is a 4-player online Co-operative multiplayer shooter where you take part in a pre-planned heist in your choice of playstyle. The series’ third sequel brings back the original game’s characters. It also comes with many exciting new heist missions to enjoy for the fans.

Right now, Payday 3 offers 8 heist missions. Among them, Gold and Sharke is the biggest one. If you prefer to play Gold and Sherke in stealth mode on overkill difficulty, this guide will help you.

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Payday 3: Gold & Sharke Overview

The Gold and Sharke heist puts players in a position where they need to rob a bank. Patricia Sharke owns this bank; who stole all your money and tried to kill you. Now it’s your turn to give her back. Your main goal in the mission is to get information on anyone involved in your takedown to destroy their reputations and, obviously, loot the vault.

The estimated loot value is $1,300,000 on Overkill difficulty.

Gold & Sharke Stealth Guide: Overkill Difficulty

To do any Payday 3 mission in stealth mode, you must check your skill and loadout build. If you need help making a proper stealth build, check out this guide.

Here is a step-by-step guide to complete the Gold & Sharke heist in Stealth Mode.

Casing the Bank Perimeter

Before starting with the heist, we recommend you get a proper perimeter scan in the game’s casing mode. The Gold & Sharke Bank has three main sections: the front lobby, the upper floor, and the vault lobby.

In the front lobby, there are two guards on the first floor and two guards on the second floor. There is also one guard in the camera room, one guard in the parking lot area, and one guard in the vault area.

Enter the Lobby

To start the heist, enter the lobby and approach the gate. You will need a Red Keycard to proceed.

Sneak into the Human Resources Area

You must sneak into the human resources area to gather information on who might have the keycard. This might be tricky as it is a private area. You will need to look for QR codes on cell phones scattered throughout the map. Using the QR code, you can access the Human Resources office door. From there, you need to hack the computer to find the name of the key card holder.

Gold & Sharke Stealth Guide
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Find Loan Officer’s Office

You can find them in the main lobby, to the right of the entrance, with a “Loan Officer” sign outside their door. Lock pick the door from the storage area. You will need the QR code gathered before you access the door. Be careful of the guard or the camera while doing it.

Locate the Red Keycard

Once you are inside the Loan Officer’s office, you must find the red keycard. The keycard spawn changes, so you need to search the whole room. This is a secured area, and the loan officer will be in the room. So you’ll need to be careful not to be seen.

Make Way to the Upper Floor

After you’re able to access the red keycard, you can head towards the main lobby. Use the red keycard to unlock the door and go to the upper floor of the bank.

Gold & Sharke Stealth Guide
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Track down the Server Room

The first thing you need to do when reaching the second floor is to look out for the server room. You will find it just opposite the bank manager’s room. Once you are inside, you need to hack the computer. Start the hacking; it will take some time. This is also a secured area, so do not get seen doing objectives.

Track down the Server Room
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Hack the IT room Computer

Roughly halfway through the hacking process in the server room, it will pause, and you will now need to hack another computer first. This one is located in the IT room on the same floor.

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Get the Vault Lobby Door Code

After you get clearance from the IT room’s computer, you’ll need to return to the server room and restart the hacking process there. Once done, you will get four codes for the vault lobby door. Only one of them is correct.

Go to the Vault Lobby Door

Once you get the codes, reach the vault lobby door. You can interact with the code numpad. Your light will show the most-used numbers on the keypad. Match them with your codes, and you will find the exact one.

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Disable the lasers

You will find yourself with lasers blocking your path inside the vault lobby. Interact with the keypad next to the door and hack four switch boxes to deactivate the lasers. On Overkill difficulty, they will be moved into the second-floor area. So, every time you flip a switch, a new color and symbol will be available. You need to keep checking back in the vault for the latest clue.

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Bypass the Vault

If you have done everything right now, you are almost done. The next step is to unlock the vault door. To do this, you must activate a remote signal from the manager’s office on the upper floor. You will need a Blue card for this one. You can find them in one of the offices or steal them from a bank teller’s back. Inside the manager’s office, interact with the PC to unlock the vault doors.


Grab the Money

Now for the fun part! Turn the vault open using the wheel on the door and bag as much loot as you can.

Track down the Server Room

Don’t Forget the Server

Along with the money, you will also need to find the server with the information of who trapped you on it. You need to search the cabinet in the vault for that one.

Secure All the Loot

Take all the loot back through the parking lot and put it in your van. However, ensure to sneak away from the civilians in the parking lot, as they will alert the police.

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Once all bags are secured, go to the escape zone to complete the mission.

That’s it! If you follow all the steps listed correctly, you can easily finish the Gold and Sharke mission in Payday 3 on overkill difficulty in stealth mode.

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