Best Heists to Earn Money in Payday 3

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Deep Silver

Heists are the fastest way to level up and earn money in Payday 3. This guide will go through the best heists for you and your crew!

Payday 3 returns to New York City with a new assortment of heists, challenges, and missions for you and your crew to complete for infamy and, of course, all the money. Starbreeze Studios has released one of the most anticipated co-op FPS games, and we are here to talk about the best heists that will net you the greatest amount of cash.

Making money in Payday 3 will allow you to upgrade your weapons and cosmetics quickly. The more complex the mission, the better the equipment you need to survive and thrive in this criminal underworld. Heists have many challenges and objectives that will grant you more rewards along with the difficulty you choose. With that, there are a few heist options we know players will prefer to grind some money.

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The Best Heists

Currently, there are 8 different heists to choose from, from robbing banks to infiltrating exclusive clubs and galleries. These choices allow players to choose their favorites or find the one that best aligns with their play style. These heists can also be completed loudly or silently, adding more depth to the gameplay. Among them, we have chosen a few that are relatively easier to complete and will give greater rewards.

Road Rage

This heist is a simple escort mission on the Queensboro Bridge, and players can get to know the ins and outs of the game. The heist is short and sweet, as well as reasonably linear. So, players can jump into the game and complete it for a quick payout in a very short time. Moreover, this heist can be quickly done solo.

The heist centers around the crew hijacking an armored truck carrying rare elements and escaping after escorting the truck and goods to an exit. It is also a loud heist, so you can go all guns blazing, hunting down law enforcement as your crew fights for a big payout.

Here’s the easiest way to complete Road Rage heist.

Potential Earnings: $850,000 +
Average Time to Complete: 15–18 Minutes

Best Heists to Earn Money in Payday 3
Credit: Wolfpack Steam // YOutube

Gold & Sharke

Your typical setting for a heist: Gather your crew, and let’s rob a bank! Unlike the previous heist, this one requires a bit more time to complete, but the payout is large. Even on easier difficulty, it can pay as much as Road Rage on overkill. The heist can be done stealthily as well, so it is one of the more challenging heists with a greater reward.

Here’s the best way to complete Gold & Sharke heist in Stealth mode.

Potential Earnings: $1,300,000+
Average Time to Complete: 30-45 Minutes

Best Heists to Earn Money in Payday 3
Credit: Deep Silver

Developers have stated that the current roster of 8 available heists will be increased to a total of 12 with the end of the current patch. With the addition of new heists, there are bound to be more efficient heists to cover and earn money and infamy.

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